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my glorious eyebrow rings

One day I sat and thought to myself how great it would be to have an eyebrow ring. Then I thought about how many people actually have eyebrow rings. So I decided on getting four. Two in each eye to be exact. There was a lot of conflict between me and some family members about it. But I was too determined to not get them. I did all I could to get them, I even went as far as not eating a few times out of the week just so I could get the money to have them. Sorry, but I am addicted to piercings. They feel so great. But, I finally got up the money to get them all pierced, so I headed out to my regular piercer a few towns away from me.

I explained to my piercer (Candi) that I wanted two rings in each eye. She loves to see how I can tolerate pain so well that she was glad to do it. She had asked if I wanted hoops or curved barbells, which to me a hoop in the eyebrow is not the great. So I went with the curved barbells. We went into the piercing room and she asked me to lie down on the table as she prepared the rings and needles. So naturally, I started asking her about the procedure, because I wish to be a professional piercer someday.

I had two of my friends with me. They stood by to watch. I have been waiting for the piercings for months before I got the money to do it. So when I was lying on the table I started to get this big burst of happiness. Candi (my piercer) was asking me to stop swaying my legs back and forth, but I was just too happy not to. You know how that is when you impatiently wait for a mod.

Before piercing me she realized that I had a vein running thorough my left eyebrow so she would have to go in on an angle. But like I said, I was so anxious to get them I did not care. I had told her to do what she had to do. So she started to pierce me and I was just so happy it was finally getting done. As I felt the first needle go in I got this big smile on my face I did have the concern that it would look like crap. She gets done and asks me to stand up and look at it. First piercings I ever had that bled. When I stood up he blood was just flowing down the sides of my face. I liked it and so did my friends and my piercer also complimented me on them, which made me feel better about getting them. But when I stepped outside the room, the once empty gallery was filled with people. Around my area, piercing is not really accepted. So when I stepped outside the room everybody was staring at my new freshly swollen eyebrows. You know the basic things amongst people not into tha t stuff was said. But I was not bothered by it. Because I can guarantee that none of them have the guts to do it.

But on the ride home, I felt something cold on my face so I wiped it off. When I looked at my hand there was blood all over the place. So I reached for some tissues, which I had to used I think three of them. I don't know what had made it bleed like that but it was pretty bad. Good thing it was the last time it had happened too.

For about a month my eyes were so bruised it looked like I got punched in both my eyes. People that didn't even know me actually came up to ask if I got beat up. It was kind of embarrassing but I learned to deal with that. After the bruises were gone they began to look a lot better. I was pretty pleased with the outcome at the time.

They had got infected a few times because I work in a dusty warehouse and sweat into them for 8 hours a day. I clean them more than what Candi had told me to. The collection of dust inside my eye is so bad that when I clean them you can see the blackness on the Q-Tip. But that isn't even the worst. I went to a party about a month after I got them where I had a little mishap where I threw a girl into the pool. She wasn't too happy about it so she punched me in my right eye. Blood was everywhere. I wasn't the happiest person at the party at that point. Now even 4 weeks later I am waiting for them to heal again. That is the wonderful story of my eyebrow rings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Candi
Studio: Headlight+Tattoo
Location: Westville%2C+NJ

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