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My first facial piercing.

Some people go for piercings purely on a fashion basis or because they think it's cool. I want piercings because I like them and they do look good on some people, let's just hope they look good on me! I'm not quite sure how I got into piercings, I suppose I just saw someone with them and fell in love there and then. From when I was 10 I had tried to convince my mum to let me have piercings on my face but in hindsight any person letting a ten year old have facial piercings would be a bit silly. Now that I was 13 I was confident that I might be allowed some facial ones, and after a heck of a lot of talking or arguing depending on how you look at it I was allowed. Anyway this is the story of when I got my eyebrow pierced.

I got my eyebrow pierced purely on impulse. My friend was getting hers done and wanted some moral support so I decided to get mine done with her. The first obstacle was convincing my mum to let me have it done. It was the day before Natalie was due to get hers done and I thought no way is my mum going to let me have my eyebrow pierced but surprisingly enough she said yes. Mum didn't take much convincing, all I had to say was "Can I have my eyebrow pierced please?" a few times and she agreed. This was very, very surprising because she hates piercings and has said no every time I asked up until now. I wasn't complaining obviously!

The next day at school Natalie and I were very excited and couldn't wait. It felt like forever and then the bell finally went signalling the end of the school day. We ran off home literally and discovered when we got to her house that she'd lost her purse. Our first reaction was "No way, we can't get pierced". Then we went in search of her purse retracting our steps then Natalie received a call on her mobile from her mum saying someone's found it. So off we went to this pub, stepped nervously inside and found our way to the landlord and inquired about her purse. Sure enough there it was, turns out she dropped it on the way home.

We set off again but for my house this time. I got changed as quickly as I could and was like hurry up mum, no time to waste, but she was feeling slow so me and Nat went on the net for a bit. We found lots of people telling us our eyebrows would absolutely kill and just generally trying to get us worked up about it, however we kept our cool and were soon on our way. Luckily Wreckhead is only over the road from me so we didn't have far to go. There was someone in there getting tattooed but Bob came out and asked us did we know the risks of eyebrow piercing etc. and I was like yeah I've already considered all of this but Natalie hadn't. He sent us home while he finished the tattoo and we came back half an hour later all ready and raring to go. We were given forms to fill out and aftercare instructions. Nat didn't have her mum with her and was worried she wouldn't be allowed to have the piercing, but she did have a note with her from her mum giving her permission to be pierced. Bob asked my mum if the note was from her mum and not written by Nat herself and it wasn't of course. Me and Nat were now ready to be pierced!

Earlier that day Natalie said she wanted to go first but when it came to it she wanted me to go first. I wasn't bothered and went into the piercing room. As soon as I got in there I thought why the hell am I doing this but went ahead with it anyway. Bob washed his hands and put on some fresh sterilised gloves then went into this box I think and pulled out a brand new needle. He snipped it and prepared it for piercing then he told me to close my eyes then he cleaned my eyebrow with this strong smelling stuff. I was now nearly ready for piercing; he just had to mark it out. Bob told me to take a deep breath in and put the needle through then told me to exhale. I now had a piece of plastic hanging out of my eyebrow. He put the jewellery through and my right eyebrow would never be the same again.

I walked into the waiting room and my mum actually quite liked my eyebrow piercing. Now it was Natalie's turn, she asked me to come in with her and I followed her in. She sat down and it was the same procedure as with mine. We were now pierced and wanting to show the world. Well our school and friends through the internet just had to do.

Three months on and my eyebrow is doing fine, I've had no infection whatsoever. Just the normal discharge stuff you get. One piercing down, many to go!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Bob
Studio: Wreckhead
Location: Hinckley

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