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Beautiful Eyebrow Barbell

I have wanted an eyebrow piercing since 7th grade. That being six years ago I was totally psyched for it when i turned 18, unfortunately I didn't have the money for it on my birthday. I saved up and got my friend Hippy Dan to take me to Big Joe and Sons in White Plains. We went out to lunch with our friend Jen first. We ate at the Westchester mall. It was good we went because I hadn't eaten all day, and yes, we know that is a bad idea.

We got to the studio around three in the afternoon. I went in, talked to a tattoo artist, Eric, about getting some ink done in the near future. I am planning on getting a quarter sleeve done. Been talking to him about drawing up some custom stuff. He has been really friendly and contributed some great ideas. The only problem with the tattoo is that my dad wont pay for my college education if I get it. He is exactly what I hate in this world. Hypocritical, closed minded, judgmental people. Then talked to there piercer, Rob, about getting my right lobe and right eyebrow pierced. I signed the waiver and gave them my ID to photocopy. We headed into the back to the piercing room.

I asked what gauge he thought I should be pierced at. He said that a 16 would be best so i agreed. Having my left lobe and helix done by him before I decided to get my lobe first, seeing that i had been through it before. He marked off both piercings and asked me to check them in the mirror. I was happy with the placement so I gave him the go ahead.

Hippy Dan was in the room to photograph the events of the day. As soon as the process started Hippy Dan started flipping out. It was amusing because he appeared to be in much more pain than I was. He was running in and out of the room, going "Oh my god! oh my god!" He slipped the cbr in and popped in the bead. Everything went perfectly. So now it was time for the biggie, the eyebrow, despite it being reputably the most painless piercing.

Rob took out a clamp and rapped the handle in a rubber band. He proceeded to clamp my eyebrow. He played with it a little bit to align the two dots. The clamp was actually the most painful part of the process. He pushed the needle through. It hurt about the same as the lobe did, which isn't much, but it does feel like somewhat of a pinch. He turned around and picked up the curved barbell. I could see the needle dangling in front of my eye, it was kind of cool. So he slipped the barbell in and screwed the ball on the other end of the barbell. He picked up a cotton ball and wiped away the small amount of blood. Hippy Dan looked like he was about to pass out, but he did manage to get a whole bunch of pictures.

He made sure I was ok and then walked me out for me to pay. I paid and got their aftercare pamphlet. Got my jacket from Jen. Dan asked about the price of some of the flash. He wants a shoulder to shoulder 2 tone tribal design. I think it looks cool, but discouraged him from getting flash. His dad also said he would cut him off if he got a tattoo...see a pattern here?

This was the fourth piercing he did for me, and I dont know if i would go back. He has never done anything to make me doubt his technique or skill, but he doesn't seem to have much experience with more complex piercings. I have never seen anyone come out of the room with anything more than a lobe piercing. Also he is very straight to the point, doesn't chat much, just business oriented.

Its been healing for about 2 weeks now. Crusties stopped after about a week. I changed it 2 days ago to a barbell with spikes. Its the exact jewelry that I have wanted for 6 years. I am so happy with it. It looks great. I now have all the piercings I have wanted since 7th grade. I now have a new 5 or 6 piercings that I want including a labret, 2 inner conch, and orbital and a rook.

I have to say i am really really happy with my piercings. I am finally coming into my own. I feel like I am starting to really express myself through my body. It is what i have been dreaming about for years.

To anyone looking to get their eyebrow pierced, I don't see any reason not to. Its not too painful, you can always take it out, and its really easy to find retainers for it. The only little annoying thing was my sea salt solution dripping into my eye while soaking the piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2004
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Rob+White+Plains+NY
Studio: Big+Joe+and+Sons
Location: White+Plains+NY

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