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my *report card* present

I'm going to try and make this a little different then any other experiences up here... but to tell you the truth- it was almost exactly like what I read.

So, I had wanted my eyebrow pierced for about two years. I'm fifteen now and it took a long time for me to convince my parents to let me get it. When I turned fifteen, they said I could get it for my sixteenth birthday. Luckily, they changed their mind. I got straight A's for my freshmen year so my present was a hole in my eyebrow! Now, before I continue, I just want to mention that I'm not one of those little kids that thinks they're "all that" or something because I have a ring in my eyebrow... it's something that I wanted for a long time. =) I had spent a couple months at BME reading experiences and looking at pictures to make sure this is something I really wanted. I had read so many experiences that I basically knew what they all were going to say. Hehe. So, my dad and I made a trip down to the tattoo/piercing place. When we got there one lady was getting a tattoo and this other lady, Kim gave us a consent form and told us we needed a notary signature. I asked her about the kind of jewelry I could get and she told me they pierce with CBRs not barbells. I was disappointed because I wanted a barbell but that wasn't going to stop me. So, we left and decided that we would get it done in two days.

Finally, the day came. I was getting my eyebrow pierced! My dad and I searched everywhere for a notary public. We found one at a bank about ten minutes before they closed. Then we headed down the road to Bob's Crystal Blue Tattoo. When we got there, we asked if Kim was there, because we were under the impression she did the piercing... but this guy who was tattooing rosary beads on this dude's arm told us she wasn't in that weekend. My heart dropped. =( He asked what I wanted done and I told him and he said he'd do it for me once he was done with that guy. So we waited around for about ten minutes... then it was time. I sat down in the chair and introduced myself and the piercer told me his name was Bob. So he told me everything that he was going to do... although I already knew from reading all the experiences. He cleaned off my eyebrow and made two little dots where the ring was going to go. He almost clamped me without showing me the mirror but I asked if I could see it. He showed me and I thought it looked really far over but he told me that if I got it over my eye anymore it would be in my peripheral vision. So I was okay and he clamped me. As he opened the package with the needle in it, he assured me that everything he was using was sterile.. and he also cleaned everything anyway. He went over the breathing exercise with me and he stuck the needle through. I'm not going to say it didn't hurt... because it did... a teeny bit. But when people ask me if it hurt I just tell them you have to expect some pain when your getting a big needle stuck through your eyebrow! But I'd say it didn't hurt any more that my two cartilage piercings. Most people say the part that hurts the most is the part when they put the ring in... I didn't even feel it. When we were done I said "ooh that was fun" and Bob warned me that I might have started a trend. (I'm thinking about stretching my lobes now.) So he went over the aftercare with me (dial and bactine) and told me when I wanted to change it I can just come back and he'll change it for me. I've had it now for two weeks and it doesn't hurt at all. It didn't bleed, it wasn't red, and it didn't bruise at all! I get crusties now but they're not hard to deal with. I'm so happy with it. The only thing I'm not crazy about is it's always shining in my peripheral vision. =( but I still love it. In a few more weeks I'm going to buy a curved barbell and get this CBR out. (btw- I have a sixteen gauge.. just in case you were curious)

Good luck and happy piercing to all! I'm going to send pictures when I get my film developed.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Bob
Studio: Bob%27s+Crystal+Blue+Tattoo
Location: Shirley%2C+Long+Island

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