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Eyebrow piercing done by me

Hey everyone! I was 13 years old and had always been into body art. I also always wanted to change the way I looked, was never satisfied with how I was. I always thought I was too much like everyone else out there. I guess what I really wanted was attention, who doesn't. But then I was also depressed and because of I would change myself every way I could think of. I use to be a cutter then I would carve stuff into my skin. On my left ankle I carved in a Nirvana sign. Also on my right ankle on each side I have a satanic symbol. Then on my left arm I carved in a simple little heart. I got sick of carving stuff in my skin so then I decided to do a little more. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do so I thought for a while each night for about a week thinking of what I wanted to do and I came to piercing my belly button. I did that it all turned out good until I got in a fight one time and that was the first thing the chick went for that I was fighting with so that was then gone. Then I was always talking about getting my nose or eyebrow pierced and my parents wouldn't allow it and I always threatened to do it myself but they never believed that I would do it. One night I was talking to my friend and I just blurted out I'm going to pierce my eyebrow so then I had to there was no backing out of it. Cause that wouldn't be cool if I did back out. So later that night I was getting my supplies to go piercing and I got a plastic bag with 2 ice cubes in it, a safety pin, a stud, and a loop. First I took the ice cubes and tried to numb the area it didn't work to well cause it hurt pretty badly. That was the most painful part of the whole procedure. Then I took the safety pin and started poking it through. Once I got it through the top part of my eyebrow it got a little tricky because instead of coming right out the other end it always moved around inside and I would get confused of where I had already started having it come through. Then it finally came through all the way. I twisted it a bit and then I thought maybe I could put the stud or loop through so I took out the safety pin and tried to put it through and it would go through all the way. So I put the safety pin back through and I did that several times and it just kept wouldn't let the other things go through. I then figured the safety pin looked pretty cool in there. So I left the safety pin in there because of the fact that I had ISS for school the next day so not many people would see the safety pin I would just keep it there. The next say I went to school and left it in there all day and then I found out while I was there I had a student, parent, principal conference so I had to get something for appealing in there. I went home and I tried putting a loop through there and it went through quite nicely. I tried covering it kind of with my hair and by not looking at my mother so she couldn't see it but she ended up seeing it after all. It was a bit red but not very, she didn't like it at first but the next couple days she got use to it and she likes it now. Since then nothing has gone wrong with it its perfect I think and so does many other people so it was well worth everything I went through to do it! If you're thinking about doing any piercing by yourself I would suggest you not! If you want it done go get it done professionally. It would be much better. Because many piercing if you hit the wrong spot, it can lead you to retardation or even death. So I would do it right and get it done by someone that knows what there doing. And if you do end up doing it yourself make sure you look everything up and research everything so you do know what you're doing somewhat! Since I enjoy piercing my body so much I think I'm gonna either give myself a Christina or else have it done professionally when I get older depends. First I'm gonna go read bout other people's experience of doing it thierselves then I'm gonna decide how I'm gonna get it done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: My+bedroom
Location: Minnesota

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