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My awesome eyebrow experience

Even though it has been a year since I actually had my eyebrow pierced, I still thought it would be good if I shared my experience. Well, I wanted to have it done for years and my parents wouldn't let me. For some odd reason they finally gave in. Which was cool because I was only 16. They first proposed that I get my tongue done, but I said I wanted my eyebrow. (Just so you know I eventually got my tongue done, but only a few months ago) They agreed because it wasn't permanent like a tattoo, which I also have now). We called the shop and talked to the owner/piercer Scott Rogers. I knew I wanted to go there because I had been in there before to buy jewelry for my ears and such, and I had talked to him about it. So we made our way down, birth certificate in hand. The receptionist lady (I don't know what else to call her) took our money and instructed me on how to clean it, gave me my Dr. Bronners soap to clean it with (This stuff is really good, but has weird ass stuff on the labels). Once all the usual mumbo-jumbo was squared away he led me to this small room. Just so you know the whole shop is VERY clean. You can tell just by the condition of the shop that they know what they are doing. There is a lot of cool African tribal art, which Scott collects in the shop. I like it a lot. Scott himself is a really cool guy. I was mesmerized by his ears. They were stretched more than I had ever seen. Still, to this day I have never seen bigger. Not in pictures in other shops, not on the Internet, not even on BME. His labret is hiding behind his goatee. I can't help but wonder what other sort of tribal stuff he has on his body. He seems to be into that. Anyway, back to my eyebrow. He made me sit on a table that looked like the ones you sit on and wait before the doctor comes to see you. The back lifted up and he asked me to lean against it. He cleaned my eyebrow region thoroughly and put on his gloves. I saw him get marker and put two dots on either side on my eyebrow and he asked me if that was cool. I said "Yeah". He told me it would pinch a little, but only for a second and it wouldn't be near as bad as I thought it would be. When he clamped it I jumped a little (it didn't hurt it just scared me) and he laughed and told me that wasn't it. I was a little embarrassed. He then took the needle and gently stuck it thought my eyebrow. This time I didn't move a muscle. It didn't really hurt at all!!!! He stuck my ring though and put the bead on. I didn't want a barbell, that's just a personal preference. He told me to look in the mirror and see if I liked it. I LOVED IT! I thanked him once more and left the shop in good spirits. That was it. It took about 4 months to heal. I guess that is normal, but it was my fault. I didn't clean it for a while on vacation, and I got drunk a few days afterward and people told me I was hitting it when I was running into the walls. I was careless and stupid because it was my first real piercing. I am much more serious about them now. I think it was infected for a while, but I did act a little responsible and I went to Scott and asked him and he told me that I just had to keep cleaning it and it should get better soon. If it got any worse I was to come back to him and he would make sure everything was all right. That made me feel confident. It eventually healed just fine, and I am really enjoying my piercing. I am VERY satisfied with the quality of the shop. I would never go anywhere else. The entire staff is friendly and informative and I can tell they know what they are doing. It is a great place and if you live in the Sacramento area there is no other place to go. Scott also pierced my tongue and is stretching my ears. I also will only buy jewelry from there, the prices can't be beat and they buy your old jewelry.

All my experiences in this shop have been wonderful, and I plan that they will also be in the future. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me, and I'll write my tongue experience soon and whatever else I decide to pierce.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Scott+Rogers
Studio: Sub-Q+Body+Piercing
Location: Sacramento%2C+CA

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