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My Eyebrow Piercing

brow was the first piercing I got and was under the impression that I would be in enormous amounts of pain afterwards, but it barely hurt at all. I had wanted to get my eyebrow pierced about 4 years prior to my 18 b-day. I always thought they were really eye catching and generally cool looking. I did a lot of research on the net to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into. As my b-day approached I went downtown to scout out piercing places. I walked all up and down my town, going into every piercing/tattoo place, talking to the piercers and checking the piercing area out for cleanliness. I finally found a place not too far away from my house called Art of the Ages, which had a friendly and knowledgeable staff and more importantly, I felt comfortable with letting them stick a piece of metal through my head. A lot of the other piercers seemed like they were under the influence of some drug(s). I talked with Phil, the main piercer about all of the aftercare procedures and whatnot, then I set up an appointment on my birthday (he even said he's knock a couple bucks off the price since it was my birthday). As the time grew nearer I started getting a little nervous and thought about the things that could go wrong, like if it would hurt or if I got permanent nerve damage and all of that. I talked to some of my friends who just had their ears pierced but they had pierced themselves with safety pins, so they weren't much help. I asked my best friend if he wanted to come down and watch since he had never seen a professionally done piercing before and he said "sure". On the day of my b-day I raced down to Art of the Ages after school and brought my friend along. When I got there, Phil told me to have a sea tin the back room. I sat in a comfortable chair and he put on gloves, started the Autoclave machine and began setting up a little table with tools and the jewelry. I was waiting for about 10 minutes, talking to my friend, which made me not so nervous. All of a sudden Phil says, "Ok, I'm ready to start whenever you are". And I got hit with another wave of nervousness, but I said I was ready as well, so he started. After he disinfected my eyebrow he gave me a mirror and asked me what placement I wanted. I told him and he made 2 dots with a marker in the spots. He took a pair of clamps and put them tightly on my eyebrow to stretch the skin out. He told me what he was doing every step of the way and it was nice to know what was going on. Then he picked up the needle (14 gauge) and told me to take a deep breath in and let it out, as I breathed out he put the needle through. It didn't even hurt as much as a bee sting, which was quite surprising seeing as how I worked myself up weeks before. The only real problem is that I bled for about 7 minutes afterwards while Phil was trying to clot my blood around the jewelry and I had a slight headache for about an hour afterwards. My friend who was still in the room, almost passed out when I started bleeding and had to leave the room and gain his strength back. When I looked in the mirror I was extremely pleased with the work Phil had done. The healing process went along fairly smoothly. For about the first month or so I didn't sleep on the side of my head that had the piercing in it to make sure it wouldn't agitate it and ultimately, cause it to migrate. I was very careful not to touch it except for when I cleaned it and just generally made sure my clothes or various other objects weren't bumping it. The soreness went away in about 2 weeks and it stopped oozing secretions in about 3. I stopped in Art of the Ages for weekly check-ups until about 2 months after I had it done and it had finally healed. I decided to put a barbell in instead of the captive bead ring I started out with and it worked out nicely. It's been doing good ever since. Overall my first piercing experience was a very good one, thanks to the very professional manner in which Phil acted. Ever since that I've gotten a little addicted to piercings, I have 8 ear piercings and plan on getting at least one tongue and genital piercing in the near future.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Phil
Studio: Art+of+the+Ages
Location: State+College%2C+PA

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