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My dodgy eyebrow!

3 years ago I decided it was time to give in to my temptation to have my eyebrow pierced, I checked out the telephone book to find out some places that I could have it done at, I found two places in one building, after a recommendation from a friend about how clean they were I went along to 'Oasis' in the centre of Birmingham town centre and decided that I would have my first piercing done at 'Dress to Impress' I was a little worried when I noticed a coffin in the corner of the room with a skeleton in it! It was a very clean studio and the people there were very polite. At this time not as many people had got it done as there is now so I had no idea about what to expect, I didn't know how painful it was going to be, how expensive, or even how to look after it after I had got it done! After a short wait I was greeted by a man with several facial piercings who appeared to be extremely friendly, he reassured me that it wouldn't be painful because if it was he wouldn't have got as many as he had got done, this made sense so I belived him, he talked me through the entire procedure and I was quite surprised by how pain-free it actually was, however, once he had 'dotted' where the holes were supposed to go and I agreed that this was where I wanted it I thought that this was where my piercing would be, it wasn't, it was much further forward which meant that it wasn't in very deep. I had no reason to doubt his work as no one else that I knew had it done then, he gave me no instructions about how to keep it clean or how long it would take to heal so I went away without a clue about how to look after it, I figured that it couldn't be that difficult else he would have given me specific instructions. After just two months, my eyebrow bar had not even begun to heal but had worked it's way out of my skin!! I still wanted the piercing that I had paid for, so I went to 'Needleworks' to ask what they would suggest that I should do, they told me that they would pierce it again for me for free, however, if it came out again then I would have to pay again to have it pierced. I agreed to this and once again went to get it done. This time, the guy was not at all pleasant to me, and wasn't gentle whilst carrying out the job, this time I had a lot of grief from itafterwards and felt the actual needle entering my skin and once again he didn't put it in as deep as other people's that I have seen since. Again I had no real instuctions of how to look after it apart from he told me that I should clean it with warm salt water for a few days and to make sure that when I was in bed that I didn't play with it while I was sleeping!! Why would I play with it and if I was sleeping, how would I know that I was playing with it anyway?! I decided that this could have been the reason why the first one didn't heal, I didn't think it was but it may have been, so each night I wore a plaster over it so that I couldn't play with it or catch it on my pillow. I thought that cleaning it with the salt water and wearing my plaster each night might have helped to heal my eyebrow but to my dismay, once again it had worked its way out of my skin, I'm not sure whether it was something that I did wrong or even something I failed to do to help it to heal. Overall, I had to pay for the piercing, I had to have my tutor (who was formerly a nurse) at college try to get the second one out with two pairs of metal clamps because the balls would not budge and I wasn't prepared to have another nasty looking scar on my face like the one that the first piercing had left, so now instead of having a cool looking piercing I now have two scars and a little bald patch in my eyebrow and a yearning to have it done yet again. So, after two bad experiences should I just give up and accept that it just wasn't meant to be or has anyone got any advice for me as I would still love to have my 'balls' by my eye! Help Me Please!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: unsure
Studio: Dress+to+Impress+%2F+Needleworks
Location: Oasis%2C+Birmingham+City+Centre

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