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I wanted to get all the pain over with in one day

I love all these experience stories, so I wanted to add my own. I read Jason's story and followed his directions and everything worked perfectly. I pierced my eyebrow. I suppose I should start at everything from the beginning. I have wanted my eyebrow pierced for a couple years now, but it has been no obsession until lately. I went swimming at my cousins house and he had his eyebrow pierced. I thought it looked cool, and he was so close to my age that I felt like I needed one. (am I a copy cat or what?) So I went online and did a tiny bit of research. Most of the help was from Jason who put his story here. I also e-mailed him and asked for specifics. At that moment when I was online, my boyfriend who has aol instant messenger, sent me a message. We started talking as I was looking at the info. Either him or a friends friend, shea, was supposed to do the actual piercing for me. So in the middle of my babbling about what I had learned, he started talking about our "relationship". Oh noooooo! Well, to make a long story short, he dumped me. I suppose he didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but he did. I was sobbing and I was just in so much pain. I got offline, collected myself, and asked my dad to give me a ride to my best friends house (she was in total sympathy for me). he refused and I burst into tears. Seeing this, he hopped right in the car and drove me there. I got to Britts and let off some emotion by writing some really angry poetry (i moved past the "devastated" stage and into the "anger" stage). It sounded like one of those screaming songs where there is a swear word in every sentence. The next day I was incredibly sad and i found a barbell that I had bought a few days before in ocean city in my backpack. I had bought the barbell for my boyfriend to pierce me with. Plus, everything reminded me of him at the moment... So I grabbed some ice from Britts freezer and headed to the bathroom, telling Brittney on the way that I was gonna do it. So she helped me sterilize everything and we sat in the bathroom chatting about stuff until I had the ice on my eyebrow for 10 minutes. Then I stuck the pin in. I used a pin that Britt used to pin her corsage on for her 8th grade graduation. It was the only sharp thing in the house that i could use! It went in half way, and being a good friend, Britt stuck it in until you could see the metalpoking through. then I finished up. Voila! A beautiful pierced eyebrow. It dripped one tiny drop of blood, and I felt almost no pain. a mosquito bite hurts worse. So I left it in for the night and had to hide it from Britts dad and my dad. Britts dad would be mad because brittney helped me, and my Dad would be mad because...well..I PIERCED MY EYEBROW! My Dad and my Mom are COMPLETELY against it. My mom doesn't know because she lives in Hawaii, and my Dad doesn't know because I hide it with my bangs. I have tried so many times to convince them, and I was incredibly mature about it all, but they wouldn't have it! I am still not sure what to do about the parents. I am only 13 and next year I will be starting my first year of highschool. Right now I am waiting to see if I got accepted into this really good boarding school. if I am, I will not be able to have the piercing...I think. I still have to check it all out. But if I can't have this metal in the furry section above my eye, I will be VERY angry. It now means a lot to me. Hehehe, It was sort of my way of getting over my ex-boyfriend. Now I have different things to think about! I think I will just avoid my dad for a while, and when he finds out, i wil just have to defend myself as best I can. Its basically, whatever happens, happens. Today, I put my barbell in, and that was the only time it really hurt. It was VERY mild pain, and the only reason it did hurt was because I couldn't get it through the bottom for a while and I kept pushing. So, in conclusion, the eyebrow pircing did not hurt at all, especially when I was hurting more emotionally. So if you must have pain, get it all over with at one time!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 July 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: me%2C+myself%2C+and+brittney
Studio: Brittneys+bathroom
Location: Maryland

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