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My eyebrow

at people in my school call a skater. Its not a bad group to be in, but not the best group either. Most of my friends have earings some have other things pierced, belly buttons, tongues, ect. I had an earing by this time but i wanted more. i had wanted an eyebrow ring since before i got my ear pierced. i saw it in a magazine and really liked the way it looked. I like the rings though, my friend has a barbell and i think its ugly. My dad hates piercings on guys, and my mom isn't too fond of them either. All along though my aunt said she would take me to get my ear pierced, and i never really listened to her. But one weekend when my parents went away,I decided to let my aunt take me and a friend to the mall where we got our ears pierced. That started the whole thing. Well, when my parents came back they weren't very happy. This was about a year ago, and since then i stretched the ear a little. Its about a 14 gauge now, but i switch from 12 to 14 and back all the time. Then a few months ago the same friend i had to talk into piercing his ear came back from the city with a tongue ring, and i thought to myself i have to have one, so the day after my prom we went to the city and i got one too. This piercing was also with out telling my parents. The tongue piercing did not hurt at all. The only thing that i thought was strange was the fact that i could hear the needle as it ripped through my tongue. My tongue sweled up like a balloon the first couple days but after that it was fine and i learnd how to eat again, but it didn't take them very long to figure out that something wierd was going on when i couldn't talk or eat very well. I showed them, they freaked, end of story....or so they thought. That was april, then about a month ago i asked to get my eyebrow done. I thought that maybe i should be up front with them this time. It worked sort of. I had to wait a month cause we had some big party or something but they said they would pay for it...which was a big plus because i'm a broke ass with no money, anyway. The month came and went and again i went to the village with my friend.(the same one) All day all my other friends kept asking me if i was nervous. I kept telling them that i wasn't. I knew i would be later though, and i was right. It hit me on the path train, i was like "what am I doing?" why do i want a needle through my eyebrow? But to calm down i just kept telling myself that i had my tongue pierced in the same shop, and it can't really hurt much more than that. I kept telling myself that to calm down and it worked. WE got to the city and i wasn't nervous any more so we got some hot dogs on the way to the shop. After getting there i told the lady what i wanted, she showed me the jewlery i picked the ring i liked and we went down stairs. The place was very clean. The chair i sat in really looked like a dentist's chair, it was kinda freaky, but any way. The lady that was going to do the piercing explained everything to me then clamped my eyebrow and told me to relax. Then put the needle through. It hurt but not much. WEll that was about a week ago and after the first day or so it didn't hurt at all, unless i bump it. I forget its there sometimes. When i went to school the next day most of my friends didn't even notice it. Even though it was pretty swollen. After i pointed it out the all said wow it looks so natural on you. So i guess it looks good. I like it though and thats all that matters. I acctually think its starting to grow on my parents but who knows. The only problem i have seen so far is that with my new job i either have to take it out of cover it with a band aid. There's no way i'm taking this ring out, so i guess i'll put a bandaid over it. THat kinda sucks though cause i want to show it off to all these people that i have never met, but oh well a job is a job. So if you've wanted to get an eyebrow done you should do it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: don%27t+know
Studio: whatever+piercings
Location: the+village%2C+nyc

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