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Another Hole in my head

absolutely charged up and revving with anticipation, the few days before getting my piercing. It has been exactly one week since I had it done and the healing so far has been fine. The area is sensitive and since it's an 18ga microbell, I always have a fear that it would get ripped off but otherwise, the wound has been relatively problem-free. I urge anybody who has second thoughts about getting their eyebrows pierced, to ignore those irritating negative doubts and just get another hole in your head! Anyway, the experience itself was really thrilling. I had been thinking about getting my right eyebrow done since the beginning of this year and finally, after exhausting all the research material I could find over the net--and that is mainly over BME which is an absolutely thorough resource--I called my friend and went over to the studio on Monday. It's probably the only place in Singapore which offers such body modification services so I had little choice.

My heart was pumping mad as I took the escalator up towards the studio and the first sounds I heard upon entering was the searing of those electric needles they use on the tattoos. Woah I asked this woman about which barbell size would be better for my eyebrow but she juz kept saying it's up to you on which u prefer. (I urge those who are going to the studio to get someone with at least 10 piercings on her/his face to advise u on stuff like that.) I settled for the 18ga... So I filled up this form about allergies and stuff. They didn't even ask my age but I guess they didn't care about piercing minors. My friend was really eager to watch the whole process so Esther (the piercer) invited her into the room while I sat down on the reclining chair. The studio was relatively clean. I mean carpetted floor and no visible rubbish on it or mess anywhere. There were all this leather stuff and studs decorating the place... really sado-masochistic art. shudder I was staring at all this photos of ABSOLUTELY out-of-this-world piercings and really, it didn't help make me less nervous. (This girl in a photo had two rows of piercings down her back and it was all threaded through with a red string so she had this living corset like attached to her... ok, back to my story.) On my request, Esther briefed me on the procedure and how the instruments were sterilised. Then she told me to relax as she prepared the equipment. My friend was silent and I sorta laughed to calm both oursleves down coz she's squirmish when it comes to needles but was there out of curiosity and also to support me. She smiled back when I laughed. Then Esther turned around, telling me to close my eyes as she swabbed my right eyebrow. She told me constantly to relax and kept asking if I was ok all through out the piercing. The clamp really tight but above all, I felt the pain of the needle as it slid through my flesh. And the whole world was just held in that single moment as the insides of my brow touched metal for the first time in its life. woah When I opened my eyes, a single tear spilled out and my brow was burning and red. I could see one tiny thread of red vein pulsating over the bulge of my wound. I think I was still half dazed as my piercer told me that the swelling was usual. She asked if I was fine, I said yes and was instantly out of the studio. I just kept on and on and on saying, "I can't believe this... ahhh... My eyebrow... I actually did it..."
Then my friend was so excited that she wanted to get one too like on that day itself. She kept looking at my piercing before drifting off into this preoccupied empty-eyed stance. I told her to just bloody get it before she had time to hesitate. Well, she did hesitate and was detered coz she knew her parents would slaughter her if she got one. I shall not go into how my parents reacted but let's just say my piercing is still intact and in existence. Almost all my friends' first reactions when they saw it was disbelief... then horrific fascination... then "what are you going to do about it in school?" I've frankly gotten quite sick of that last question. There aren't any school rules which prohibit body piercings but most of my friends felt (and later convinced me) that if a teacher were to see my eyebrow, I'll be ordered to take it off. sigh But above all, I'm glad I went for it with my heart and my head (no pun intended). I researched and even created 10 reasons why I wanna get pierced to ensure that this was really what I want no matter what the world think about me. I mean, I feel that it is better for you to get a piercing after having seriously thought about it and fighting the nagging doubts. Then, it'll be all the more satifying once u've got it done and realise it was worth all your efforts. I am very pleased with my piercing and more importantly, can't wait to have it heal COMPLETELY! If there's anything u need to worry about, that's the aftercare. The wound has to be religiously cleaned everyday. And perhaps another thing is how pple may judge you just becoz u have a metal in your head. But that's their problem, not yours. If there's anything u'll regret after reading this story, it's NOT getting your eyebrow done so just go 4 it! ; )


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Esther
Studio: Primitive+Art+and+Piercing
Location: Singapore

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