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peoples! I'll just start by saying that I have the most sexiest eyebrow in the world! But more on that later......... Well i've only wanted my eyebrow pierced for about a week because i originaly wanted my tongue pierced. But my parents wouldn't let me (of course), so I settled for an eyebrow piercing. It was a lovely Autumn night with the leaves all falling from the trees (yeah right) when I was sitting in the lounge room with my mother, asking if I could get my tongue pierced (for the 50th time) when she said "just get something else pierced". I thought 'WHAT! Is she crazy?'. I sat quietly for a few minutes then blurted out "How about my eyebrow?". My mum thought for a minute, then said yes. The next day I rang every number in the yellow pages (only the ones under piercing of course) but no luck. So I rang my brothers girlfriend and asked her where she had gotten her piercings and she told me 'Tom and Darrens Tattoo Studio'. She gave me the number and I rang strait away. Jen (the piercer) wasn't there so I had to call back the next day. So I did and she still wasn't there. So when I rang the next day (which was wednesday) and she still wasn't there, they told me to come in and see her. So after making some plans with my parents, we set off to Newcastle. I was so nervous because I am terrified of needles and all my other piercings (ears, nose) were done with a gun. I had heard that you should eat an hour before the piercing and I hadn't eaten for 3 hours so I was kinda freaken out. When we got to Newcastle we saw the place strait away. So my dad parked the car while me and my mum went to see Jen. We walked in and there was a lovely insense burning and country music (yuk) playing. It kinda made me feel better. When we saw Jen I asked her how much it was and she said $60. But that was ok cause my mum was paying. I told her I wanted it done and so she told me to sit down while she got everything ready. (I was so nervous, I was shaking!) When she was ready she told me to come in. I wasn't aloud to have my mum in there which made me a little more nervous but I was fine. She asked me if I had a perferred side and I said 'left'. So she started to clean my eyebrow and then put the clamp on. Which didn't hurt at all. Then she told me to take a deep breath then let it out and as I was breathing out she pushed the needle through. It didn't hurt because she did it so fast. She then put the jewellery in and said it was done. It didn't even bleed! I felt a little light headed so she told me to lay down and she put the fan over me. She explained the after care procedure then let me go. I went and collected the money from my mum, paid Jen and left.(I dont think i've gotten over my fear of needles cause I didn't see the darn thing!) It wasn't at all sore, I couldn't even feel it. After that we went to Maitland to do some shopping. When I got out of the car the wind was blowing kinda hard which kinda hurt but I was fine. When we got home I called two of my friends to come and see it. We went to the park for a little while then I said goodbye to my fiends and we parted (a little poetry talk there). They both liked it. Which was good.
It's now Friday and I love it. I cant feel it at all, except when I knock it but even that doesn't hurt. My brother came over last night and I was able to show it off to him. He said he didn't like it but he says that about everything I do. I clean it every morning and night, making sure it is totally clean, then go about my business.It's only bled once which was only a few drops. Nothing disasterous. All my family are coming up from sydney in a couple of days and I can't wait to show it off to them (and my other brother and my sister). If you are thinking of getting your eyebrow pierced I would recommend it to anyone. It's so pain-free! If you live around the Newcastle area (in Australia) go to Tom and Darrens Tattoo Studio and ask for Jen.
Good Luck!!!!!! P.S. This piercing commenced in the school holidays. The actuall piercing was on the 19th of April, 3 days before easter.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 April 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Tom+and+Darrens+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Newcastle%2C+Australia

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