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Piercing Adventure

been about 2 months since I wanted my eyebrow pierced, I came to this site to see more info. about the care and what you must go through to get it pierced and (if any pain occurs too) heh well my friend didnt think I would do it because he thinks I just 'talk'. well my other friend knew a place to get pierced without being 18 so i said thats cool as long as there professional. so on monday i scolded him to take me on monday and no more delays because i will be going back to school on Apr.28th. so monday came and then he tells me it opens until 2pm probably i did wanted it earlier! so we waited and we took that 15 min. walk to the other city called Huntington Park. we walked and walked and finally arrived and saw that the place was small. but then I see from afar that it says CLOSED please call again im like aaaaaaahh noooo.after all that being hyped up and walking alot its closed...luckily there was some guy near by he seemed like he was waiting for it to open too.The hours said 1pm through 11pm and it was 2:15! what the hell.So we asked the guy if it will open he says yea in about half-an hour. he got his cell and called and i overheard something about' yea people are waiting here'. then i got relieved that it was going to open. then 20 min. later after waiting on some steps a truck came with three people and my friend says yea thats the lady that pierced my tongue. So she got off and said she was sorry and asking how long we waited. I wasn't mad I was pretty damn happy as long as she was there. She had her tongue,under her lip and her nose. we explored around the shop looking at pictures of tatoos on the wall. very impressive artwork. I looked at some jewelry in the magazine and waited for her to clean up and get the utensils ready to pierce. It seemed like she was in a hurry. she had a little son who was a brat and grabbing everything. kinda made me nervous but good thing there was a tv in the room where he watched pokemon! Ok so I entered the room it was small with a large tv on the floor and she turned on the fan towards me where the chair was. My two friends came in the room, one of them looked very interested she kept saying 'oh your gonna cry' I was like 'no no monica'. I guess she didnt mind that people were in the room. she marked the holes in my brow i said ok and she clamped it for about a min. and then she said breathe in. and breathe out when I poke through. she made me feel comfortable. I looked in the mirror i realized how quick it was wow only 1 pinch and thats it. The piercer's little boy liked my friend's watch IT WAS A POKEMON WATCH! my friend lended it to the boy and he put it on and Arlene the pierce says my boy is very spoiled. I dont know why my friend had that watch the only thing was cool about was it said the time. so my friend made a bargain with arlene saying ' give me a second piercing on my tongue for 20 bucks if i let your son keep my watch. and she went for the deal. and so my friend was gonna get a piercing too. he got his second piercing on the tip of his tongue in front of the first one. Arlene says his first one..he pllayed with it too much and it had a lump in his tongue but he still insisted on getting his tongue pierced. and oh I could tell on his face he went though such pain getting pierced through that lump. oh!! and so she told me wash it with a q-tip and salt-water ..I never heard of that. In this site I always read something called Zinc ointment to care the brow. We went to sav-ons cause my friend needed to buy listerine for his tongue. He talks funny now. well its been 4 days now, no blood, just a little crust. and the only pain I get is when I frown or pick up my brow or laugh too hard and sneeze heh heh. I came home no one was home. but I had already told me my mom I was going to do it but she never said yes or no. My dad came he didnt notice it until I stood in front of him and told him. He said Im not going to give you money no more! but then a day or two my mom didnt trip so she was fine with it...my dad only gets mad if my mom gets mad pretty weird huh. I was thinking about getting smaller barbell because it touches my eyelid just a little bit. but it doesnt bother my mom keeps on telling me that and my dad. ok thats it bye


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 April 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Arlene
Studio: Tat2%27s
Location: Huntington+Park%2C+CA

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