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Simple bar

ot quite sure why, but quite some long time ago I developed a strong impulse to alter myself. I'd started off with little things a good number of years ago. Small alterations in skin, such as minor cuts and scarring. Minor self-brandings. I once dipped a sewing needle in rubbing alcohol and put it fairly deep through the skin on my leg. It was left there for a good many hours but it was impractical so I pulled it out. I have been altering myself on the surface for years now (dyed hair, contacts, unconventional jewelry, etc etc etc) but I'd wanted something a wee bit more permanent. I have always been a big fan of tats, so long as they are thought through and not ill-placed, as I have been raised by parents with a good many tats between them. Both of them have their wedding rings tattooed on with the yin-yang design, for example.

Well, I thought about it at great length and went in for a small tattoo. It's a 2 inch tall ankh at the small of my back. I was quite taken with it and wanted another modification. By then my mind was whirling on possibilities but I'd refused to have anything done without properly thinking about it. Appearance for work was not an issue as I don't interact with people much. There is no real dress code and I didn't much care about what other people would say, as I wanted it for ME, not them.

I decided on a piercing. Something simple. Something I would be happy with.

My eyebrow. I saw one ages ago and the idea of having it done had nagged at the back of my mind since. I decided on a bar as opposed to a ring since my cat, Belial, would be far less inclined to try to attack and/or knaw on the end of a bar like he does all my other jewelry (some 25 separate bits and pieces of random stuff that I wear 24/7) and I'd be less likely to snag a bar with my shirt or a hairbrush or anything like that. I also work with 2 people who have loops in their eyebrows and I didn't think it would work for me aesthetically.

I put off telling my family I was having it done but my mom made me agree a half a year or so ago (after I came home with a tat and they'd not known I'd even been considering it) that I'd warn them before doing anything else so they wouldn't have to bother being shocked and I knew I'd catch guff about the whole deal. After a while I managed to catch them in conversation and dropped it in as a blatant "oh yeah, just so yer not shocked....". Mum looked at me funny and demanded to go along and dad said I was stupid and shut up beyond that.

I set the day for that weekend and argued with my mum for a half an hour over her not tagging along, as I didn't see it necessary. She's a stubborn wench though and ended up getting her way.

We went down to Bo-Dangles, which is about 5 minutes from our house, and I told them what I wanted done. They weren't busy and said all right and it was set up by the time I'd finished filling out paperwork and giving them a Xerox of my driver's license. My mum looked at the jewelry in the cases and then peeked in on the set-up on the needle and sterilizing and then opted to wait outside with a somewhat green tinge to her face. The lady didn't much take time to explain anything or go out of her way to make me comfy but I wasn't nervous at all and maybe it showed. I really don't know. It all happened so fast. 5 minutes and out and done.

She sat me down, set out the bar (I chose a small one since I don't like the looks of the bigger ones in eyebrows), and told me to lean back. She cleaned the area and placed a few marks for position on the left eyebrow. I liked where she had it so I said "sure" and she covered over my eyes so the stuff she used to numb it wouldn't run into my eyes. I felt a mild sting like alcohol on a paper cut and she had the bar through. I was rather surprised at how quick it went, though it took her a minute to thread the bead on the bottom. She said my eyebrow wouldn't be yellow anymore after I took a shower again, gave me the care instructions and some antibiotic salve, and turned her back to the me. I just hopped up, grabbed my coat off the chair, and left. Went outside and after my mum looked at me funny we went home.

It was a bit tender the whole day but it never bled at all and it never swelled up at all either. It stopped being tender at all by the 3rd day and I never had the lil crusties. It started itching enough to annoy the hell out of me by the 3rd day as well. Though I accidentally bumped the bar a few times it hasn't really affected it aside form hurting like a bitch for a minute. I've now had this for 2 weeks and it has stopped itching, never hurts, the bar turns quite easily, and I don't even notice it's there normally. I plan to have 2 more tats done (an eye of Ra on my mid-back along the spine, and a circuitry design I made myself on the back of my neck) as well as having 2nd and 3rd holes in each ear and the cartilage pierced on both. I plan on having bar put in the right eyebrow to match the left and I want the right side of my lower lip pierced with a loop. I want my tongue pierced as well but that's gotten far to trendy here and I will wait till not so many people have it done before I do it. I doubt I will stop there but alterations beyond those are still in the mental works. Overall I've been quite happy with my simple little bar and can't wait to have more alterations done. I still don't know why I feel such a need to do this...but it's there, and I find that I like the results.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+don%27t+remember+her+name.
Studio: Bo-Dangles
Location: Melbourne%2C+FL

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