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Des's Piercing Palooza(or How I got my Eyebrow pierced!)

rning of November 8th,1999,I woke up with one thing on my mind. "I'M 18!I can get my eyebrow pierced!" I had been waiting to do it for so long. My Mom was fine with it, But My dad told me the day that I turned 18, I could do whatever I wanted. So, out of bed I hopped, and got ready. I had 50 bucks, and was hoping that that was enough. We drove to the Black Widow. I went up to the guy behind the register and told him that it was my 18th birthday and that I wanted my eyebrow pierced. He said ok, And made me fill out some papers. He then asked me for my ID. it was 35 bucks!! that was so much less that I had heard! I was super psyched. Then he called out "MIKE! Customer!" This huge guy with piercing all over his face, slid open the curtain and came out. "Hi" he muttered to me. I couldn't even say Hi, because I was so amazed by how many piercings he had. He had 3 in each eyebrow, about 5 in his lip, his tongue, even his neck!I noticed that I was staring at him, so I stopped. My Mom looked bewildered. So...... About 10 minutes later, he said for us to come back to the room. He put some gloves on, cleaned my eyebrow with some eyebrow cleaning stuff. He laughed and told me that he messed up my hair, and I laughed and told him it was ok. He was so cute, I wanted to say "You can mess up anything you want!" But my Mom was there, so there went that idea!! After he cleaned my eyebrow, he marked the entrance and exit holes. He got some ink on his gloves, so he changed them, which made me feel good about getting it done there, being that he was so clean. He then told me that he was going to clamp my eyebrow, to make the skin thinner. Before he did this though, he was getting some packages and stuff. He then asked me to close my eyes & take a deep breath. My heart was pounding as I did what I was told. I was so nervous. He told me that I would feel a little pinch. My heart was so loud, I was sure that everyone in the room could hear it! He pushed the needle in & asked me to breath out. The needle "poked" through & then fell to the floor. Right as the needle came through my skin, I heard my Mom, who was an onlooker, make a gasping noise. I seriously thought that it was going to hurt a lot more than it did. I was waiting to pass out, or see blood gushing out or scream or something. I guess you could say I am somewhat of a chicken, even though my ears are pierced 11 times total. But all that I felt was a tiny pinch. He then got a little plier looking thing, & put the ring in. Then He goes "You have really tight skin, Your bleeding a lot" I giggled & said,"Yeah that's me, Always giving someone problems!" He laughed too. He kept holding a cotton ball to my new piercing,& it kinda stung. Then he got another little plier thing, & he told me he was trying to put the ball on the ring. He said for most people, it just pops on, but because your skin is so tight, it's kinda hard. I laughed again, & my Mom went into some story about how I was alwaysgiving someone trouble about something. He laughed again. He was kinda cute! (My Mom even thought so! All though she did agree he had too many

piercings!)We said goodbye,& he said "See you later." After we left the parlor,On the way to the car,I felt kind of dizzy. My mom opened my door,and made me sit in the car. I took about 5 deep breaths,and felt much better. We went grocery shopping,and I bought some bactine. My mom got some cotton balls,and I started to clean my eyebrow right in the store. I noticed right away,they little old ladies started to grab there purse when I came by. This annoyed me to NO end! (They still do it now!) Then we paid for our stuff,and were on our way home. Time to face the music...Dad's music....

My Dad was kind of pissed, but not too much. He had Said "When you turn 18 you can do whatever you want." All he said is "Did they give you anything to clean that with?" My friends all agreed that it looked really good. Even my Grammy likes it. It was kinda swollen for the first few days, & about 2 weeks later, it was really hurting & had a lot of puss coming out. It felt like there was a lot of pressure. I was kinda bummed because I thought I would have to take it, But I talked to another piercer & he told me to try putting a hot compress on it. It was like there was a boil inside of my piercing. I did like the piercer told me & on about day 3 of hot cloths over it, The boil "popped" & my piercing drained. There was a lot less pressure on it.It's healed all up now,and it looks great!

Now when I look in the mirror, I smile. People say that because I did it, It will hinder me, Like for example, Not being able to get a job. Well, I did get a job, About a month after I got it done. I love my eyebrow ring, & I cannot imagine myself without it, even when I get older. People may stare, but I really like it. I'm glad that I got it done! P.S.- When you go out,Like to a concert or something,and you can change the ring (IF you have one!) try a barbell,because in places with large amounts of people,some creeps like to try and pull it out! Just a little word of advice. -Des


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Black+Widow
Location: Stockton%2CCalifornia

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