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I can't believe I got it done

I had been saying the whole way through being 17 that I wanted my tongue pierced. As usual my mother held her 'not till you are 18' rule. Anyway, once I had turned 18 I chickened out of the idea, I knew I wanted something done though. This was partly cause I wanted it and partly to help me over come my fear of needles. So, today, myself and one of my friends went to Camden - London. I had read up all about Cold Steel on the Internet and decided that it was the place to go. I researched a great deal into hygene using the BME website to make sure that they were proffesional. The website was very helpful and included all information about hygene. It made me feel really relaxed just reading it. They said about how they wouldn't do the piercing until you were really sure you wanted it.It also warned me that I would be unable to have the piercnig if I had drunk alcohol in the past 24 hours and that I must have eaten in the past 4 hours. This was all again made sure of n the form in the studio just to double check. As soon as my friend spotted the place I went off the idea. I suddenly got really nervous. She managed to drag me up there and I made an appointment, after another 5 minutes I managed to persuade her to aswell and so she booked an appointment to have her belly button pierced. Just standing up in the reception was very nerve wracking. I was suddenly hit with the fact that I would be getting pierced there. This was ok though cause at the same time as wanting to throw up I also felt such a rush of energy. The appointment was at two o'clock. Once I had got outside I asked my friend what the time was and she said it was 1:20. I suddenly got really nervous! e had 40 minutes to kill and so, as recommended by this site, we went and got some chocolate and an energy drink. We then sat on a step outside a shop and drank and ate. I couldn't do anything but shake and gave up eating the chocolate because I was sure I would be sick. When we got there we signed the forms and waited. About 5 mins before I was going to go in I suddenly felt completely relaxed, like if you get up too quickly and have a head rush. The man came down and I said I would go first. I cant remember walking up the stairs, I think I was so excited that it blanked it out, like when you are drunk. He sat me down and just explained everything. I guess I got quite happy at this time cause I knew I couldn't turn back. We talked just generally about how I had checked out the place and why I was getting it done. This really helped to relax me whilst he was preparing everything. He cleaned up my eyebrow and then marked out two dots where it would be pierced and I checked them. Then he made me lie down. He put the clamp on my eye (more like a pair of scissors with ends like tweezers) and told me that in a minute he would tell me to take a deep breath in and that by the time I breathed out it would all be over. I was really pretty relaxed by then. He told me to breathe in and I did, as I breathed out he put the needle through and that was it. It made me jump a bit and it was a strange sensation to feel the metal going through my eyebrow. I got up afterwards and looked in the mirror and just smiled. I was so pleased with myself for going through with it! He explained to me about cleaning it and even gave me a lolly pop!! I knew my parents wouldn't believe I would get it done and nor my sister either. They didn't and my dad still can't stop staring at it every time I talk to him! He just can't get used to it! My friend also enjoyed her piercing experience and we are both really please. My eyebrow hurts a little bit now and I really want to touch it but I am not allowed! I guess I would recommend it to anyone. Of course it hurts a little bit, it is over in a second though. It is just the same as if you bit your tongue, excep the pain doesn't last as long. I am scared of needles and I went through with it, anyone can! Also, if you are in the UK I STRONGLY reccomend Cold Steel in Camden, it was the nicest atmosphere.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 April 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kelvin
Studio: Cold+Steel
Location: Camden%2C+London+%28UK%29

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