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I can't believe she let me do it!

ice my friend and i were like 14 we always anted our eyebrows pierced but our mom would never let us. finally one day we begged our moms and i went with my friend to a near by tattoing parlor to get the piercibg done. we were so excited to finally get our eyebrows pierced i was a little scared of the thought of having a big needle pushed through my face, but everyone told me it didn't hurt at all and the pain was worse to pierce you ear, they were wrong it hurt so bad i bursted out into tears and almost had to stop, the guy couldn't get the ball on the earing and had to keep pulling it and twisting it and playing with it until iwas sceaming in pain, he finally got it on and i thought the pain was over then. i thought it would get better and be fine, i woke up 2 mornings later, and my whole right eye was swollen so i couldn't even open it! i looked like a boxer who got in a fight! i didn't know what to do, and the tatto parlor was i thought ice would help since ice normally lessens swelling but i was very wrong, it stayed like this for 2 days and i finally went to the docter where he put me an medicine to geet ride of the swelling, i left the piercing in because i went through so much pain to get it, and today it is fine, but i would never do it again! i went on line to try and find some ideas for my piercing, here are a few DO clean the piercing in the shower every day. Make some salt water up by dissolving sea or table salt in warm water, or use Saline solution (available at any Chemist). Soak a clean cotton wool ball in the salt water and apply it to the piercing for 2-3 minutes or until any crusting is dissolved. It's important to remove all the crusting because it can concrete on the jewellery and tear the inside of the wound causing pain and inflammation. Rinse with fresh water and move the jewellery very gently to ensure that there is no crusting remaining. DO use a new! soft toothbrush to remove any crusting if you have a barbell. Run it under very hot water after cleaning the piercing and make sure that it's not used for anything but cleaning the piercing DO dry the piercing after your shower with a clean tissue or piece of toilet paper (towels harbour bacteria). Be careful to pat it dry, don't rub it as this can aggravate the wound.

DO use Lavender oil as it promotes healing and lubricates the wound reducing tenderness. Apply a small amount with a cotton-wool bud after cleaning (being careful not to get it into your eye) then move the jewellery gently so it gets into the wound. Remove any excess with a tissue as leaving it on can cause the skin to become irritated. It may be purchased at supermarkets (medicine section) or at chemists and must be marked (BP) or medicinal grade. DO wash the piercing during meal breaks with clean water if you work in a job which is dusty, if there is no tap use bottled water.
DO leave jewellery in the piercing for the first 6 months, or the hole will close up. DO be careful if you are in crowded places like pubs or nightclubs, people have a tendency to try to pull at

the jewellery. DO try to sleep on the side opposite the piercing, this reduces movement of the ring. DO keep your bedding clean, especially your pillowcases to reduce the chance of infections. DO use B-vitamins with a Zinc supplement as they promote healing. DON'T attempt to remove and re-insert the jewellery to hide the piercing, this can hamper healing and lead to infections. If you have to take it out for work see the section below on hiding the piercing. i hope these hints help you to keep your piercing clean because it can get very painful, you will look pretty funny like i did, i looked like i could have been in a battered child or wife comerical or something, if the swelling does not go down you should always try to go to the place where you got the piercing done and show the person who piecred you, s/he will know what do do more than a docter will, althought a docter specializes in thes thing, he might look at a piercind and automaticly say infection when it may be something as minor as the way it is healing, so always see the artist before your docter if his advise doesn't help the wound then go to your docter to get some antibiotics which will attack any trace of infection


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 April 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: im+not+sure+of+his+name
Studio: beauty+mark
Location: waterbury+CT

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