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Shallow Bridge with Protential Rejection

re shall I start : ) OK, I'm 16 and love piercings, I have my labret done and had my bridge done but took it out today, we'll get on to that in a moment. It all started in 1999 somewhere, I saw my fiends eyebrow piercing and thought "wow, I need to get something pierced" - I dont particularly like eyebrow piercings but thats not the point! So I got my labret done the day before new years eve (note: Toni's let me put on a spike initially, most good piercers will tell you wearing a ball and changing to a spike at a later date will be better for healing), again - not the point, so after having my labret done and going to the SlipKnot concert in London, I decided it'd be time to get something else done, so just over 2 months after my first piercing I decided to get my bridge pierced which I had wanted for ages, I walked in to town - doing my best not to feel any fear of the pain I was about to put myself through! I walked in nervously (trying my very best to just seem confident haha), I walked up to Toni and asked how much the bridge was, £25, so I said ok, walked over to the area where all the jewelry was kept and he took out a tray with various barbells and spikes and other stuff, he selected a few barbells and held them up to my bridge to see if the length was ok then took one aside. Then got taken to the small room with the bed-thing in it and told me to lie down with my feet against the wall so I wouldnt slide down : ) So with my head resting against the back rest he poured smelly cr*p all over my bridge to clean it up then wiped some pad on it, marked me off and checked the marks were straight on each side - I asked him if it would hurt, to my amazement he said "a little", this worried me because with my labret he said it wouldnt hurt, so I was expecting major pain coming up! I asked him wether he would use a clamp for it and with a smile and slight laugh he told me the clamp was a piece of junk : ) Next I was told to not squint or anything and have my eyes natural (obviously closed! hehe) - I felt the needle go in on one side, then out the other! But it DID NOT, lemme repeat, DID NOT hurt!! He pushed through the barbell he had chosen and screwed on the ball, looked at it, cleaned it up, then sent me to the mirror... UH OH! It took quite some gettin used to havin 2 balls between my eyes! But I loved it! He asked me if I thought it was OK and told me to come see him if I had any problems at all with it (as you may know, Bridges have a high rejection rate). I walked home after callin my g/f to express my excitement etc, when I got home I walked in to the kitchen where my mum was and she freaked! She didnt like it at all! OK so after her whining on about it for about 5 minutes while I was in the other room because she didnt want to see it, I just sat and watched TV, a few minutes later she walked in, took another look and bla bla bla, she didnt mind it, now she actually likes it, it took me a while to get used to it myself! OK the day after my brother comes for a visit with his fiancee - he used to have his bridge and various other things pierced, he inspected my new piece of surgical steel and pointed out that it was done very shallow - was kinda obvious cuz u could see bits of the bar on each side - but I was too pleased with my bridge to take any notice and just figured it wouldnt reject. Today I went into London (Camden to be exact), and went to a place called Cold Steel, a very very good piercing place, but they require ID if you are under 22, and you must be over 18, so I cant be bothered even trying to get pierced there, I cant pass more than 20. Anyway, I spoke to the guy there who had loads of piercings himself, he was very friendly and extremely helpful, he took a look at my bridge and agreed that it was indeed VERY shallow, and acknowledged that there was definately a possibility of rejection, but he also told me there was a chance that it could just stay as it was and heal fine. He told me that what might be a better idea was to take it out, let it heal for a month, then have it repierced properly, because when it rejects, you just wake up one day with a bar on your pillow, and a permanent scar accross the front of your bridge - while if I had it repierced I would only have 2 dots on each side of my bridge if I ever removed the re-pierced one. So after talkin it over with my brother and parents I decided to take it out, so I unscrewed it, took it out painlessly and pushed down in the middle to get rid of any puss then after a bit of bleeding I disinfected it and cleaned it up. After taking it out, I noticed that the holes from the piercing were in fact ON TOP (on the front) of my bridge!!!!! The guy did it WAY WAY WAY!!! too shallow, so now I have 2 red dots on the left and right of my bridge, which will turn into un-noticable light pink dots when its healed, which isnt too bad. So in a month, after the Pantera concert on April 30th, I'll go to another place in London where my brother had his tattoo's done (very impressive self-designed tattoo's, so the place he went had to be good!), its a place in Farrington called In To You, so I'll get them to redo my bridge : ) I also want a venom piercing done (you know, those 2 rings at the front of your tongue) - and I am debating over wether I want my septum done, being me, I doubt I will in the end! haha, oh well, I really want my tongue done but I dont like the idea of not being able to talk for a week : ) Anywayz, happy piercing, and remember, find a piercer who can tell you everything you need to know, Toni is Italian and I find it very hard to speak to him, its always best to have a piercer who you can easily talk to who knows what they are doing. Email: [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Toni
Studio: Toni%27s
Location: Guildford%2C+UK

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