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I finally got an eyebrow ring!!

online and I was looking up Body Piercing and I came upon Bme. I decided to check it out because I really wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. I read up on the experiences and the healing etc. Bme turned out to be so helpful to me. All I had to do was convince my mother still so I could get it done cause you have to have an adult with you if your under 18 and I am only 17. Bme has been such a help for when ever I have a question I go on Bme and they almost always have the answer posted. I asked her if I could get my eyebrow pierced and she was like absolutely not I don't want a freak for a daughter. I was so pissed at her. She was being so closeminded, I continued to fight with her and I was like its my body you cant control what I do with it. I guess that was a good point because after about another week she said yes! (Yay) I guess I pissed her off enough to let me get it done just so I would shut up. I started looking up places to go and there arent many in my shitty little town. I finally decided on Body Art because a lot of people I know have gotten pierced there and they totally reccomended it to me. And it was good to because my sister has gotten all her tattoo's and piercing's done there so I knew it was a good place to go. I called Body Art to see when I could come in and if I needed an appt. or anything. They told me I didn't so I was like I'll be in tonight. Oh my god I was so excited I couldn't believe I finally got to be pierced. I grabbed my sister and my mom and we went right to the studio where I would get a new hole put in my body. I was so so excited that I kept yelling and annoying the hell out of my sister who finally told me to shut the hell up or she wouldnt go up with me. I shut up pretty quickly cause I wanted this done so bad and I wasnt turning back now. I got there and I went up to the desk and told them I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced and they gave me some papers to sign. They didnt even check for id because my sister knew everyone so well. I sat down on one of the couches and began signing the "its not our fault if you die" papers. I felt so comfortable at this place it was such a cool place. I signed all the papers and gave them back to the guy (he was so hot by the way) and sat down to wait. I sat for what felt like an hour but really was only like 20 minutes. I started to get so nervous because this was the first time I was piercing anything but my ears. I was so worried that this was going to hurt like a bitch even though everyone there kept saying it was a piece of cake. The guy came out and was like come on I can pierce you now. I followed him back to the piercing room. Here I was finally I was gonna get my wish and get my piercing (yay!). I was surprised at what the room looked like it looked a lot like a doctors office or something. Anyway he told me to lie down on the table and he started getting ready I watched and was impressed by how careful he was he put on fresh gloves and opened up a new needle. I layed back and he started rubbing some yellow stuff on my head. He put the clamps on which actually kinda hurt. He said ok take a deep breath and then he pushed the needle through I definately felt pain but it was a lot less than I expected. He put the ring through and snapped the bead closed. I was pierced and feeling awesome. I handed him 40 bucks and he handed me an aftercare sheet and told me I could come back in about 3 months and get it changed for a barbell. I was so excited I never even asked what gauge it was although I think it is a 16 gauge. Well it's been almost 3 months and I am going back soon to get it changed to a barbell. THe aftecare of it has been really easy I clean it once a day now with bactine and bacitracing. I hope to get my tongue and labret pierced this summer and also a tattoo. Well good luck and happy piercing. Peace, Andrea


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 March 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: A+really+cool+guy
Studio: Body+Art
Location: Vermont

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