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My self-pierced eyebrow- 3's my lucky number!

of all, anyone interested in BodyMods at a young age knows quite well the agonizing anticipation of your first piercing, tattoo, etc. I have had a good idea of what piercings and tattoos I wanted since I was about 15. However, I have had many an obstacle to overcome. The biggest problem has been the laws in the United States that dictate that until I'm 18, I'm incapable of deciding what I can and can't do with my body. The second would be money concerns. Working 2 days a week at $7 an hour makes expenisive things like piercings near impossible. Then there's the issue of my overly conservative parents. I'm not positive when it happened, but at one point or another I decided I didn't give a fuck anymore. One insomnia-stricken night over the summer, after a long fight with the parental units, I became very angry and down on myself, and decided to utilize a piercing stud left at my house by my girlfriend (whom i'd discussed self-piercing with several times), and by morning, I had a pierced ear! I immediately fell in love with the endorphin/adrenalin rush I got, and decided that piercings were definitely for me. About 4-5 months later I used the same stud again to do my right ear. Both times I used no ice, no needles, nothing. It was all about the natural experience, pain and all, every time. The only thing I did besides jab the stud through my skin was soak the area I was piercing and the jewelry with rubbing alcohol. For about a year, my life was relatively stable, and I was pretty satisfied with my ears, but that changed shortly thereafter. My girfriend of about 1 1/2 years at that point broke up with me under about the worst circumstances possible. I became very quiet and withdrawn, and decided that I needed a change. I rummaged through my belongings and found the same old piecing stud, and promptly put it in my nose. My nose was strange for me because i was used to ears, which is 2 straight- shot holes. My nose felt the stud break 3 solid surfaces. I also thought that it was a little high on my nostril, but it travelled down a bit over the next few months. But that wasn't enough. So i took a rough 14ga tapered compass needle (like you draw circles with) and used it to stretch my ears. Both healed perfeclty without any problems. I was quite proud of my new piecings, and was quite the showoff for a while. I originally did not plan on a nose piercing, but most people I talked to liked it. However, my original plan did include an eyebrow and a labret. So when the nose and ear piercings healed, I was once again a man with a mission. This time around was quite strange. The night on which I planned my eyebrow piercing I had 2 friends wind up spending the night. They insisted on watching, which I now don't allow. I discovered that my body mods were far too personal an experience to involve my friends at all. I got an 18ga needle in, but I shot my exit far too wide, and besides that, an 18ga was not going to accomodate the 16ga jewelry i had. I had to remove the needle and try again later. I was very disappointed by my failure, and was a total ass to everybody the next day. I returned to my bathroom the next night, around 1am, undaunted, and tried again. This time I shot the enter and exit way out of place. I was feeling very angry and stayed up all night. At 5 in the morning something came over me and I returned to my bathroom to finish what i'd started, and this time i didn't stress it, which meant NO ENDORPHIN RUSH. I inserted the the 18ga, coolly, calmly, painfully, and followed with a 16ga. I then had to really push my blue Niobium ring through, which hurt worst of all. Ouch! However, I'd really done it! Now, my eyebrow is still healing and I still intend to do my labret, but I can't decide whether to scalpel it or what. Also on my list are both my nips, and a second eyebrow. I love my piercings (except the nose, because that one's a bitch when you have allergies), and my friends are all so impressed by my work that they want me to start doing them! If anyone out there can send me info on starting out professionally piercing or tattoing, feel free to mail suggestions to me. In terms of self-piercing, I'd recommend it to anyone whose got the stomach for it. I'll also answer any questions y'all have about the experience of it in general. Now if that's all, I'm tired as hell, and going to bed!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Feb. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: me%21+yeah%21
Studio: the+bathroom.
Location: Ann+Arbor%2C+MI

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