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my eyebrow is sore

I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced for a while and a few of my friends told me how stupid I would look and shit like that, and then others tole me how sexy it was and that it would look tight. So, a few days ago I decided to go shopping around places here in Houston until I found one I liked. First there was the place called Liquid. Me and my roommate walked in and the first thing that happened was the girl behind the counter tried to sell us acid. Out the door we went. Second was a placed called TooExtreme. They seemed cool there, and it looked clean, but they wanted $65 for the whole thing and I knew I could find somewhere a lot more affordable then that. Finally my roommate took me to where he got his tattoo at. This place in south Houston called Dago's where we were the only two white kids with a 10 block radius jamming to Korn in my truck. I took a look at the outside of the place, spraypaint and gang tags all over the front and everywhere you looked you saw burgler bars. I told my roommate he was a damn retard if he thought I was gonna let someone inside those walls stick a needle in my face. Well, he convinced me otherwise so I went in and saw that the shop was a bored out old house but it was actually kinda cool. On all the walls were all the tatt designs and in the middle were some of those nicer pool tables and there was this pimp couch in the middle that looked like it was bought off of Hue Hefner. Well, we looked around for a while at all the tats and the jewelry and I lost a game of pool against this guy that looked like a 300lb Crip that could squish my head in a second. Eventually the lady, who surprisingly had on this weird cowgirl hat, called us over and asked how she could help us. I told her what I wanted and she asked for my ID and $20. I said cool, it was cheap and so far the ONLY place that even mentioned requiring an ID. I was told the girl who would be doing it was out but would be back in a sec so I went outside and smoked a cigarette until she got there. So I'm on my way to the back and I notice that theres like 8 huge black guys and these 4 Mexican dudes with rags on their heads all staring at me. I thought great, built up all this courage just to get stabbed and beat to death afterwards. I just kept my eyes to myself and kept on walking until we got to the room. There I sat and watched as the girl put on her new gloves and got everything ready right before me so I could see everything was clean and new. She was cool and hell, she told me about what she going to do and had me tell her I was sure I wanted it ($15 chicken-out fee) so I said yes and we got on with it. It didn't hurt at all really. It felt similar to when I gave blood at school a year ago, just the needle went in my eyebrow not my arm. She said she was done and that it looked good and gave me some pointers about keeping it clean and everything. Then the fun started. She asked me if I was alright, not knowing that I had turned completely pale, I said yes. Then I looked at my roommate and he just started laughing his ass off. So I stood up, thinking I was a bigshot and noticed that I was a wee light headed. Well, I figured that was normally after what had just taken place and started to walk. That's when I noticed that the head rush turned into a massive body rush. It was awesome really, felt like the most immense "natural" high that I could get. I tried to walk but it felt funny, so I looked down at my feet and noticed that my toes were pointed outwards and I wasn't bending my knees when I stepped. Everyone in there was laughing now, all enjoying the afternoon at my expense, as I tried to regain some composure and attempted to walk outside. Somehow I made it outside the place about 10 yards from my truck when I saw the beloved chainlink fence that I grasped onto for dear life. I felt like I was going to faint any second but just had the brightest smile on my face because I knew whatever the hell I was doing was funny and everyone that saw was gonna go home and tell somebody about the crazy white boy they saw today stumbling around like an old drunk. Well, I finally made it to my truck and decided I was gonna sit there for a half an hour and let my high calm down before attempting to drive. Eventually it all subsided and I was fine. Now my eyebrow is a little sore and I have almost everything figured out about it. For instance I forgot to ask just how to take this damn hoop out so I could clean it after a few weeks or what gauge it was (they told me but I forgot in my highness). I had a few uncertainties about this, like the puss like goo that I have to clean out each morning when I get up or how to clean the holes. I found that alcohol burns like all raging hell and decided to research a much painless method of cleaning. I'm a lot more comfortable with this now after finging this webpage and reading other peoples experiances and stuff. Oh, and all my friends that said I'd look stupid with this...if they ever read this I would like to let them know that all their girlfriends and one wife LOVE it. =) Peace, Bryan


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+never+caught+her+name.
Studio: Dago%27s
Location: Houston

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