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My sexy eyebrow

5/m a freshman in high school I like crazy things I have had my hair every color of the rainbow and I had been itching to get my eyebrow pierced for the longest time. After about a YEAR! (yes I said a year) of trying to convince my Mom (and after me piercing my own eyebrow a couple of times by my self) she finally let me go and have it done at a studio. The day I went to have it done was a Saturday we had gone out to my grandmas house and she was about 20 minutes away from the piercing studio where I got it done. so my Mom took me we walked in I had to show them proof of me and my Mom had to do the same to make sure we were related and she was really my mother and blah blah blah! Okay so after all of that crap they brought me into this small room with a black table... ( my mother refused to go in and watch of course) anyway after I got on the table the dude took out the fresh needle still in package and a CBR he clamped my eyebrow and told me to breathe in I did then he said okay breathe out and that's when he popped it through. it didn't hurt at all I just felt two small pops! Then he got the CBR and slipped it in.. I felt it go through but it didn't hurt then he put the little ball( which later would take me about an hour to get back in) in and that was that he told me how to clean it and that was it I was kind of suprised he didn't go into greater detail he just handed me a piece of paper that had all the instructions on how to care for it ! After that I went back to my grandmas house she didn't say anything but my aunt thought it was gross and wouldn't look at it my cousins thought it was awesome though! =P when I would walk around at school the first week I got it, I felt weird. like I had this huge piece of metal sticking straight out of my head. But everyone thought it was pretty cool! I originally wanted my bridge done because the eyebrow was so over done but the eyebrow was the only thing my Mom would go for! but still it was cool! I had it in for about three or four months when I got careless.. I slept on it and didn't clean it and blah blah blah.. then I noticed something, it was strange the bottom hole was turning red. and it looked like the piercing was migrating! I think it was, but I didn't want to take it out. I mean it looked so cool still. well the redness started to go down but I could tell it had migrated a lil. Then the week before Christmas break (that Friday actually) I was working at this restaurant just filling in for someone. I sat down to take a break and my friend came in.. he went to flick me in the back of the head.. you know one of those Use the hole upper body type flicks.. and I turned at that moment and WAP! it got me in the eyebrow! a little blood started to drip and it had come out a little so I said fuck that went to the bath room and took it out... that was the end of that =(a week later I pierced my nostril by my self.. it looked great but after about 3 days my Mom wanted me to take that out.. besides I had a sterling silver hoop in it which isn't good for any new piercing! now I am itching for a new piercing! I don't know what I want yet but I have to wait about a month for my report card to come out.. but I need to make sure I can keep my grades up there cause if I can.. I am gonna get my bridge pierced while my friend gets her lip! oh and I also have a pretty nifty battle wound from where the piercing was pulled out. In the future I hope to get piercing such as my nipple, labret, lip, some more in my ear my tongue and maybe my eyebrow again! I recommend the eyebrow it is nifty looking and doesn't hurt at all. if you have a decent tolerance for pain that is.. Its not bad though just a pop! Oh yah just make sure you keep it clean! So if you want to chat about piercing you can E-mail me I will be happy to contact you back!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Anonymous+%28+he+didn%27t+give+me+his+name%2C+and+I+didnt+ask%29
Studio: Inkredible+Ink+Inkorporated
Location: Florida

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