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I was so nervous for nothing!!!!!

now thirteen. I have wanted my eyebrow pierced since I was eleven, but I never really bothered to ask my mom, because I figured she would just say no. When I finally asked her about eight months ago, she said yes...that was if we could find a place to do it. The towns around here are really small, and people around here don't really have body piercings or tattoos. About a month ago, I was talking about piercing my eyebrow, and she said she knew a guy that owned a body piercing and tattoo place, but she didn't know the phone number, so she gave me the name of the shop. I looked in at least four different phone books, and called up information a few times, but couldn't find the number. When I pasted by on the bus, I caould see the sign that said opened, and everything, but I didn't really want to just walk in. I called the restuarant, Spilly's, which is in the same building, and asked if he was opened and stuff like that, but he didn't know, but he told me that the guy didn't have a phone so he would have him call me from the restuarant. When he called he told me I could go in anytime between five thirty and ten. My mom then decided that I could go that night. We left at about seven ten, and got there at around seven thirty. That whole day, I was really scared and nervous. I was shaking alot, and couldn't eat, because I thought I would throw up. On the way up, my sister and my friend were trying to get my mind off it so my stomach would stop hurting for a while. I honestly knew that it wouldn't hurt, because every one said it didn't hurt, and I was sure I had been through worst pain then that, but I was totally freaking my self out for nothing. When we parked across the street from the body piercing place, I was so hyper and nervous, and me and my friend were running across the street and down the side walk, and we bumped into this old lady (which was pretty funny, I was laughing so hard to even say sorry). When I walked in, I was just looking around and he came out from the place were he does piercings and asked if it was me that called and I said yes. My mom came in the back with me to make sure it was cleen (used a new needle for every new piercing and wore rubber gloves). I sat down in the chair and I was shaking really bad. Then he told me to relax and take a deep breath and all that stuff. Then when I told him I was ready, he put the clamp on (it didn't hurt...) and opened a new needle and told me to close my eyes. Right when I closed my eyes, he said take a deep breath...then I opened my eyes and pushed him away. And I did the same for the second time and the third. Then my mom walked, because she thought I was done by now (she had gone to the store across the street). My mom came in the back room with me, and the guy told me that if I pushed him away again, he wouldn't try again. So I was like ok..this is my only chance to ever do this, so what the hell, you know? So he put the clamp on and I (for some reason, grabbed my mom's hand) and I closed my eyes, and he pierced it through. and I wanted to see the needle still stuck in my eyebrow, and I was like that didn't even hurt! So he put the ring on and the needle fell somewhere, and he clamped the ball on. I got a black one. It was bleeding a little. I hurt a little, but not like excruciatng pain or anything. Wehn we got home, it was late, so I had to go to bed. I was scared to sleep in my bed, because I didn't want to roll on it, so I slept on the couch. This was my first day with it. Everyone at school was like omg I can't believe it, you weren't lying! My teachers didn't seem to like it very much, but oh well, it's not my problem. I hurt it a couple times, like my friend was throwing my eraser back to me and had very bad aim, and I forgot about it and hit it a couple times, and it was really windy, and it hurt. As I write this, I've had it in for twenty-one hours. If anyone has like questions or something (I just like getting emails). And if you're a major KoRn freak like me, email me. Peace!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+didn%27t+ask+him.
Studio: Rebel+Tattoo
Location: Edmundston%2C+New+Brunswick%2C+Canada

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