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An eyebrow love story...

short version: I have always wanted an eyebrow piercing. I started talking to and consequently fell in love with a friend who is a big fan of piercings and we decided to get pierced together. I visited BME frequently and decided to get an eyebrow. We went and got it done and all was well and good. My eyebrow migrated out of my head. I am addicted to piercings. My "friend" is now my boyfriend of almost four months and we are blissfully happy. the longer version: In case you read the abbreviated story and still wanted to know more, here it is. My name is Trisha and I used to have an eyebrow ring...now i have two small holes and a craving for many, many piercings. Back in September I went away to college and started talking online to a casual friend named Bob. We spent more and more time online and one of our favorite subjects was piercings. He led me in the direction of BME (bless his soul) and i was hooked.

Bob already had an industrial and both of us had numerous ideas for our piercing together....which was going to be the first time I came home from college, several weeks later. I decided to get the eyebrow that I always wanted (hoping to get one or two more on that same eyebrow later), and Bob chose a labret. Over the course of that time we grew a strong bond, and at the end of September we decided to start going out...and our piercings were going to be a significant experience for us, a spiritual bonding if you will.

The day came (October 9th), and we had plans to go to Adam Mazza's home studio. (Adam worked for Shakedown Street in W.Paris and had previously done Bob's industrial). We arrived that Saturday morning anxious and excited and Adam had everything in order. He put in some soothing reggae/jazzy music and his studio was very private and homey (decorated with his artwork!) I was feeling very good about my decision, and Adam made us feel very at ease.

Adam wanted Bob to get the labret done first, because it was a more complicated procedure, and everything went fine. Taking a short break between piercings I admired Bob's lip and geared up for my turn. Adam was very professional, very clean and an all around nice guy. Everything was sanitary and he answered all our questions. I was next and chose a 16 ga silver ring with a hematite bead to decorate my awaiting eyebrow.

I was sat down and he gave me the option of closing my eyes, which I was obliged to do. He made the marks over my right eyebrow and I approved...it was off to the side more due to the fact that I was planning on getting more. Closing my eyes again he rubbed alcohol on the spot and told me what he was doing as he did it, which consisted of a clamp and the pierce. The feeling was one I would describe as uncomfortable, warm and tight. With the needle still through me he removed the clamp and got the jewlery ready, during which time I had to open my eyes and breathe. Placing the jewlery on the needle he slid it through and worked the ring closed. It took a bit of time along with circlip pliers and some patience but after the bead was put in I was done. Looking at Bob I smiled, it was done, we were pierced.

In the weeks to come Bob and I grew closer as my piercing grew out...I had done everything I could to keep it clean and out of harms way. I slept on my opposite side and used saline religiously. For the first week my eyebrow was slightly red, but after that it seemed to be fine. I kept a close eye on it and got many different opinions over the weeks on whether or not people thought it was migrating. I tried to ignore the fact that it seems to get further and further away from my head until I couldn't ignore it anymore. I knew for sure when a small layer of skin lied between the CBR and the outside world. In defeat I had Bob remove it, although I was sad I knew for sure i'd be getting more. I blame the migration on three things: my stubborn body, the fact that it wasn't a very deep pierce, and chance.

Alas, I now have scar tissue to pierce behind, but no money. I am looking forward to getting it redone and there are many more piercings i desire...by the way Bob's piercing seems to be doing just fine and looks great on him. :) You can look up his story under lip piercings "Labret+paranoia=my story."

And us? We lived happily ever after


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Adam+Mazza
Studio: his+home+studio
Location: Dixfield%2C+Maine

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