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my eyebrow

i was recently working in London,myself and my partner both decided to get a piercing done, myself an eyebrow and she decided on both her nipples.At first I was generally nervous about going and having it done as I had known people before who'd been pierced and the parts of their body had gone slightly septic, I didn't mention any of this to my partner as this would have put her off the idea right from the start. We had both saved up the money from our small wages over a period of the last few months, but neither of us saw this as a waste of money, because we would be having our very own pieces of body art, which would last for life. We both went together to the bank and drew out our hard earned cash, still slightly nervous and i guess you might say, still a little aprehensive at the thought of what the experience would entail. Would the pain be unbearable or enjoyable, would my partner faint, as she had been prone to before when she'd only got her ears pierced with a gun. If I went through with it would we tell people about this or perhaps keep it as our own little secret. Minutes before we went into the studio, we decided that this would be the one secret that we would keep special and only between the two of us. We went into the studio, which was suprisingly busy for a Friday afternoon and checked in at the desk, where were met by a very professional and clean team; it was more like going into a hospital/dentists than a piercing studio.The actual time that we were in the studio went extremely quick and it seemed that we had only just sat down, when I was called in and my girlfriend said she was called in only a couple of minutes later. The actual piecer who dealt with me that day was called Dave and he was very friendly and put me completely at ease. I do believe that if he had not been so friendly and good at his job, I may have actually changed my mind and left as soon as I had lay down on the bed. When I was actually ready to be pierced, I had already relaxed beyond the point of caring what was being done to me and so the experince that I had was not anything I thought it would be. I had worked myself up to such a frenzy the day before, that i was now wondering what all the fuss was about, i even contemplated getting several other piercings done the same day, but lack of cash did put an end to that idea. As the needle pierced my skin, all I could think of was my new eyebrow ring and how I hoped that I would satnd out in the crowd, little did i know what would happen a few days later. Everything went fine, the pain for both of us was the fun part.Thepiercings healed very quickly.Within days our skin had began to return to its usual colour and we felt absolutely great and prowd of our new body adornments.But my problem occured with her new Lurcher puppy. Now Lurchers, not being small or particularly quiet dogs, was very excited each time that we came home and on this one occasion, he pounced on me as soon as i arrived home from work. His paws scrabbled at my face and his right paw connected with my piercing. As the puppy dropped back down to the floor, he took me with him and when he went to play around he tore my ring out and I had the most excruciating pain I had ever felt through my whole head. The pain felt like my face was about to be ripped off my skull. The blood started to flow and we went straight to A&E and I ended up with five small stitches across my eyebrow, since the scar has healed, I've now ended up with an eyebrow which resembles Vanilla Ice or somesuch teen star. Needless to say, I have not got another eyebrow ring done, but have settled for both my nipples instead, a much safer bet!!!!! To anyone out there in the world is having any bad vibes about getting a piercing done I'd say go ahead and do it before you either get too old or in our case lose your nerve and get your head shaved instead or whatever. It can be a daunting experience, but in the end it is well worth it and will give you great pleasure for years to come especially if nobody at work knows you've had it done except yourself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: dave
Studio: metalmorphasis
Location: london

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