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My first....but not my last....

d I get pierced? Well...sometimes I really wish I had a logical, typical answer for this question. A while ago, I just felt the need to get pierced. I'm big into visualization and getting in tune with your body, so I looked in the mirror for a while and waited to see what I should get pierced. I kept envisioning an eyebrow piercing, so I decided that was the one. I decided to get pierced at Freak's because a: I know several people that got pierced there and were extremely happy with the results and the piercers and b: I had been there with a friend to get pierced and was impressed with the cleanliness of the place and the kindness of the piercer. I had my best friend with me for "moral support." We got there at about 8pm and there was a girl before me getting her navel pierced, so she went back and got pierced (and I heard no screams or other horrifying noises ­ that was very calming) and she came out and he (the piercer) went over the aftercare instructions with both of us, marking all of the important parts with circles and underlines, telling us exactly how to do everything (soak w/ sea salt/water solution 2x daily, wash with dial 2x daily, and apply bacitracin 2x daily, in that order) and to avoid swimming in polluted waters, avoiding contact w/ bodily fluids, all that great stuff that keeps your piercing from getting infected. And, after going over all of this, he told us that if it got infected it was basically our fault, and he'd secretly laugh at us for it....which makes complete sense. I went over the consent form, which was very wordy and asked some kind-of strange (but understandable) questions such as involvement w/ government agencies...but maybe that was the studio's own curiosity. Anyway, I had no questions about that - meaning that I understood that it was my responsibility and if something went wrong, i wouldn't sue the place and whatnot. After that, it was my turn. I picked out my jewelry (14 ga circ barbell) and went back to the piercing room. He told me to make an indention on my eyebrow with my pinky nail to show where I wanted the ring to be, and he marked that and told me to lay down. He was sterilizing the ring the whole time, and I saw him put on gloves and pull the needle out of a sterile package. I really don't remember the exact order of everything because I was so anxious to get it done, but everything was clean and sterile....I was very observant to make sure of that.
The whole time he was preparing we had a nice discussion about politics and music, which helped me relax a lot more, and then he told me it was time and to hold my breath, and I took that deep breath in and the needle went through my eyebrow almost painlessly, it just pinched a little, almost like tweezing your eyebrows in that sensitive part when they get really near your eyelid and stray from your eyebrow....and then he put the jewelry in and told me to look in the mirror. It looked amazing! I was so happy! It gave me that "complete" feeling that I craved whenever I got "the calling" to get pierced. Only now, I want more....and I'm planning on getting my tattoo in about a month. 2 weeks later, it is healing perfectly and looks fabulous. I plan on getting my labret and my nipples pierced at the same studio, seeing that I felt so amazingly comfortable there and was very impressed. Another very comforting thing about Freak's was that they are associated with a local doctor, and if anything goes wrong with your piercing (which is your own fault!) you can go to him and he'll help you out. Out in public, I've had a wonderful reaction ­ no grandmas hiding their children from me, no people telling me I'm going to hell (which happens a lot here in Tulsa) and everyone that knows me barely notices because it looks right and just fits with my face and personality. And it's really cool because when I talk and move my eyebrows I can feel the ring moving, which feels really really cool. People have actually been very nice to me....maybe they fear that a pierced kid will beat them up ­ who knows ­ in the bible belt, people are a little strange ­ but aren't we all? If you have any questions, email me. And if you're in Tulsa and want to get something pierced ­ go to Freak's!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Loyd
Studio: Freak%27s+Mercantile
Location: Tulsa%2C+OK

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