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my first sign of rebellion...or so i thought...

hort and sweet. i'm the sort of girl who stays mainstream. however, i've always tried to be individualistic (you have to realise that an eyebrow piercing is not common place round my way... and in my family the only piercing's had are by my mother who has two holes in one ear... my parents have never allowed us to mutilate ourselves willingly!) and i told myself that when i started university i would get my eyebrow pierced (i have no other piercings to speak of, i'm 18... i can do what i like!). i didn't... ..but over the christmas break i decided that it was time to make amends and prove to myself and my friends and my family that when i say i will do something i will. i told my mum - who knew i had wanted one for a while - and she was suprisingly easy to convince. in fact she took me. i said i'd like to have her there to check out the place i had it done in and the sort of conditions i was going to be mutilated under. in the end she actually chose the studio - which was the back room of a spiritual shop in leighton buzzard! if anybody wants it done but has restrictive parents just wait until your 18 and then tell them that "i AM having it done, and if you don't want me to be infected with terrible diseases then you had better pay for it and come with me to hold my hand. because even though i'm grown up now i'm still scared shitless. the guy was great though - he had one piercing in his ear that i could see...though i was scared by how casual he seemed to be...but of course he does this sort of thing everyday! i sat there quietly, wondering if perhaps i had made the wrong decision, been irrational in my hormonal, becoming an adult state, but no, it was too late, it was going to happen and nothing was going to stop it... i sat on the table acting ignorant as he asked me strange foreign questions...i let my mum pick, choose and answer - she's usually good at that kind of stuff. i agreed to a bar rather than a ring, my original choice ( i play sport and have a lot of idiotic, "pulling rings from your head" type friends!), one that you can change the ends of, which was fine with me...i could change them to match my clubbing clothes...woohoo! it took three times to get the position right on my brow but i eventually shouted "yes...that's the spot!" and he froze my eye, pinched the skin and whacked a great fat bar through my eyebrow...throughout which i experienced no pain...but the look on my mother's face explained it all...there were actually tears in her eyes as she watched her precious daughter get holes punched in her head! i thought it looked great in the small studio mirror though, if u ignored the still present pen marks! i then had lunch - courtesy of my mum, throughout which i must have text messaged at least a dozen people on my mobile phone, telling them all that - yes, i had ACTUALLY done it! i couldn't wait to check it out and show it off...and i did both...in shop windows and at the pub that night (where i got thoroughly slaughtered...perhaps in part due to the reoccuring question - "did it hurt" - which, of course, it did not...)! it is now four days later and i've been having fun spraying it with antiseptic and picking the scabby bits off and trying to train myself to sleep on my right side (i've pierced the left, stupidly!)...and having people still ask "did it hurt" ...now i just say "yes!"... anyhow, i return to university tomorrow so i'll have more questioning and showing off to do...but that's all part of the fun... the moral though, is that i've taken a step towards freedom... towards individuality...and all that's inbetween...and i feel good for it! though my dad's not impressed i feel! hehe! it's been a few days and he's still not talking to me properly! my sisters however are impressed, if somewhat shocked. one wants her done - always has -so she's jealous (hehe) and the other just keeps going "you've got your eyebrow pierced" and making me push it up so she can see it move through my head as though she gets some sort of sadistic pleasure from it! i'll take it out in a few years, if it doesn't reject first...but i've had fun so far with it and i know i will continue to do so...through thick and thin, through infection and ripped skin...yeah...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: couldn%27t+say...sorry
Studio: small+shop+in+leighton+buzzard
Location: leighton+buzzard+-+south+east+england

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