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And i wont even go on a roller coaster.........

start off and say im 15(grrl), and pretty much the biggest wuss out there. I wont even go on a roller coaster cause im that pathetic, and 2 years ago i chickened out on getting my catilage pierced like 5 times! Ive been wanting my eyebrow pierced for about a year and a half, but never asked my parents till around July ('99), i asked to get it as a birthday present. But they took it as a joke and laughed at me. I wanted to get my brow pierced so bad that i started asking everyday. About 3 months later my dad was looking at the paper and there was a pic of some kinda old, big guy with a lot of tattoos. My dad was like "Sarah, why don't you get a tattoo?", i was just thinking woaahh!! But i told him id rather get my brow pierced, he said, "ok, ill take you tomorrow." At this point, my mom didnt even care. But being the wuss i am i told him that id rather get it over xmas break so itll heal (and to give me time to calm down!). So after this im so excited and i couldnt wait till xmas break. I already knew all about what would happen cause i read every persons story on BME. Well here comes xmas break and the first day i go to a show with my friend, we plan on me getting it tomorrow cause she was supposed to come with me. Next day rolls by and i didnt get the chance to get pierced! I didnt really mind because i was really starting to freak out about it, i even tryed to convince myself that i didnt want it, but i did! So its Sunday, January 2 and i go back to school tomorrow. I NEEDED IT BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED!! I told my parents we were going today, i called up places, but we ended up going to the mall to a store called Island Dyes. My rents didnt want me to get it there, but after i told them i knew people who got stuff done there and that i called in and ask how they sterilized things, they agreed. Off me and dad go, i wasnt nervous really, i just kept telling myself i was going to the dentist, it worked. We get there and im still not nervous, we filled out a sheet and i accidently put i had AIDS, or the HIV virus..oops! But i fixed it, i was just too excited. Out comes Ann, my piercer and takes me to the back where they have a room for piercings. Shes got her brow pierced, lots a tattos, lots of earrings, and shes got like short curley blond hair with black tips, she was pretty, and nice. She explained everything that was gonna happen, put gloves on, cleans my brow, marks the spot, checks with me and tells me to sit back and to close my eyes. I was getting a bit nervous, not really, but my heart was trying to rip out of my chest! She clamps my brow, which i didnt even feel it there, tells me to breath in and then out and then she's gonna go for it. At this point i thought i was dreaming! I breathed in, then out and she puts the needle in. Kinda funny, i was expecting PAIN!!! But i was so happy there wasnt any, when she first stuck the needle in it felt like someone tapped their finger on my brow and thats all i felt. She was so comforting, she kept saying things like "that wasnt so bad was it?" and stuff. Then she told me this part was gonna hurt and i might feel pressure and when she was getting the jewelry she yanked on my hair on accident. She made a joke and was like "that was probably the worse part, me pullin on your hair!" She slid the jewely in and i didnt feel anything and i was done. I looked in the mirror and loved it! The whole thing was COMPLETLY painless, i swear to god. I left the little room and i dont remember if i even thanked Ann, i really hope i did because she was awesome! When i came over to my dad he was talking to this lady and her daughter who was getting her bellybutton done after me and we talked a bit b4 i got pierced. I came out and first thing i heard was "Did it hurt??" I said no, and her mom was like "Well shes not crying!". The grrl was looking at my brow with her mouth open in awe, it was pretty funny. I was like "does it look ok?" and she was like "yeah it looks really good!", so i was like ok, and me and my dad had to leave. When i got home my brother and sister were shocked. My mom thought it was cute after she was the one mainly teasing me for it. My sister wants one now and shes 7! Its easy to clean, but its only been a day. No crusty's at all yet, not sore at all, not red, not anything. I hope it stays that way! I have to clean it twice a day with Bactine and im good. Everyone at school today was shocked and my friend (who was supposed to come with me) was like "I WANT MY TONGUE PIERCED!!" her rents wont let her get it. Everyone asks me if it hurts and blah blah.. I forget i even have it, like getting it pierced was a dream, i still cant believe i actually went through it! If you want your brow pierced, GET IT!! There is NOOOO pain at all!! Got any questions, just email me at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Ann
Studio: Island+Dyes
Location: Springfield%2C+VA

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