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Oi! My eyebrow!

7, but I'd wanted to get my tongue pierced for the longest time, yet I was always worried about chipping my teeth, slurring my speech, etc. I decided I'd wait until I was 18 for my tongue, but I knew I wanted some cool facial piercing. I love the look of silver body jewelry, plus there are the added bonuses of stressing out your parents, showing off to your friends, and making your teachers go "Eek!" The night before, I had kind of pinched my brow a bit toget an idea of the sensation. I'd be told it was only that: a pinch and not much more. "Not bad," I thought to myself, "I can live with a tiny pinch"
I'd known of the piercing studio for some time. The tattoo artist graduated with my older brother and my brother got his tattoo there. John (older bro) always said "Don't go anywhere but Modern Tribalism. They're clean and they're good. The pierer's name is Jon and he's super-nice." Cool! So my mother and I headed up to the studio. When I had my navel pierced at another shop, I had needed photo ID, birth certificate, and my mother's consent. I assumed this place would be the same. It turned out 17 year-olds could be pierced on their own consent. Hurray! I was a little peeved at first because these two preppy chicks sauntered in about 15 minutes after I did and asked if I was waiting. I answered "Yes," and they nodded. When the piercer popped into the waiting room and asked "Who was next?", the girls chirped "We were! We were!" I grumbled a bit, but got my revenge mocking them while they were behind the curtain(goodness they had such annoying voices). The chick who was actually get pierced had a cell phone with her and it rang. She had the nerve to talk on the phone for about 10 minutes before letting Jon finish explaining aftercare. I just kinda smacked my forehead and sighed. "Oi." The studio had a relaxing enviroment: goldfish pond, gurgling waterfall, soothing colors. While I was waiting, I looked over some cool art books that the tattoo artist apparently drew inspiration from. I flipped through some tattoo magazines. When it was my turn, the piercer, Jon showed me my jewelry options and I decided on the barbell. I was surprised that the barbell cost on $35 dollars...I thought it would be around $50. Another plus! He put on relaxing Enya-type music and led me to a booth. I projected some questions that I'd been curious about. He was really attentive and nice. I asked about possible scarring. He explained that if taken out while in a healthy state, scarring was rare. Jon also added that his sister had her brow pierced three times and not once did she expierience the slightest degree of scarring. I was really glad to see him put on fresh latex gloves and open a sterile pack of tools. He was SO good about narrating the procedure to me. I closed my eyes, expecting some horrible sensation, even though I'd been told otherwise. If he hadn't let me know what he was doing, I would have been terribly nervous. Anyhoo...he cleaned me up, telling me all along what was happening. He marked me using purple ink on the tip of a toothpick-like object. I approved the location and he had me lie down. I was a little tense and he helped me practice some meditative breathing exercises. I've heard that the eyebrow piercing is virtually pain-free, but I never believed it! He had me check out my new piercing in a mirror. I was blushing a bit and on somewhat of a euphoric high.
While he cleaned down the bed I'd been on(this comforted me greatly to know how clean the place was), I headed out to the waiting room. I must have been grinning from ear to ear. Jon (piercer-man)went over cleaning procedures and aftercare. He gave me the card of the studio and encouraged me to call with ANY questions. He was also totally awesome in giving me his voicemail number to call if he couldn't be reached at the shop (what a sweet heart!)I was so relieved that he didn't just accept the payment and shoo me out of there. I just got pierced yesterday, so I can't really add my two cents about healing. But thus far, there's been no swelling. I was even glad to find it didn't bug me while I slept. I'm definetly heading to the same studio to get my tongue pierced. I was so pleased with the atmosphere, the cleanliness, and the service (it was the preppy chicks' fault I had to wait, no the piercer's!).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: Modern+Tribalism
Location: Syracuse%2C+NY

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