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My Piercing/Tattoo experiences...Hey! That tickles!!!!

been wanting my eyebrow pierced for some time. I had previously pierced my right eyebrow on my own, with a sewing needle, which took about an hour and a half. It was such a pain in the butt to do, taking forever to get the needle half way through, and my arm practically going numb, but I loved it, and it looked great! Eventually though the skin there had thinned out and the ring looked like it was just stuck on my skin, so I reluctantly took it out. So when my best friend came home for the holidays I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get my eyebrow pierced again, because she is a body piercer and she wouldn't charge me. We went over to our friend's house to hang out and catch up. My friend wanted to pierce my nipples, but I was very much against that! I'll admit I was nervous about the whole thing(I am such a sissy, really.). She got out all of her disinfectant stuff and I picked out the ring I wanted. She put some brownish stuff on my eye and marked the spot where she would pierce. Finally she opened the needle she was going to use and put it in this vaseline like gunk and fixed the clamp. She told me to close my eyes and she pierced my left eyebrow without pain, but I seemed to think there was a bit too much blood for me, and said when I pierced myself I never bled. She said that it was because this new piercing was deeper in the skin. No problems here...until Monday morning(she pierced me Sunday evening)! I take a look in the mirror and discover I have a nice bruise on my eyelid, which has at this point spread a bit and is a dark pinkish-purple colour this evening. Anyone else have this happen? Also one night out of boredom, while I was hanging out with another of my friends, we decided I was going to get my navel pierced. So we went to the place where she had hers done and I was getting a bit nervous(even though this was after the self-piercing experience), so when the time finally comes for the chic to pierce me, I before I could even finish saying "Is this gonna hurt???", she was already putting that little ball into my new navel ring. Now that didn't hurt a bit. I had one friend, Heather, who passed out when she got her belly button pierced! Sadly, my navel piercing began to thin out, so I had to go to a much smaller gauge. And just a couple weeks ago I finally went out and bought a new ring for my belly button. I love it! Well, at any rate, I think I am becoming addicted...but the next thing I do to my body is getting my second tattoo! Can't wait! I got my first tattoo over 5 years ago. It was Winnie-the-Pooh, the first Pooh tattoo my tat guy Greg had done. This decision was out of the blue, spur of the moment...there I was sitting in the tub, shaving my legs and I said to myself "I am gonna get a tattoo TONIGHT!". So I got a pic of Pooh out of one of my books and headed over to the tat shop. I was so excited, and Greg is so nice and we talked for a bit about where I wanted the tat and how big and decided I needed to go a copy machine and resize the pic to the size I wanted my tattoo to be. I decided to get it on my right leg a few inches above my ankle. Greg wanted to put Pooh in a biker jacket and give him dreadlocks, but I decided not for me. As I was getting the tattoo I watched "90210" on the T.V. he had in the shop. It never hurt, I thought it felt much like an electric razor, like in a barbershop, because of the vibration. I was hooked the second he put the needle to my skin! At first it tickled some, and I was trying not to jerk my leg and I was laughing so hard I thought I would have to go to the bathroom. Greg is a really great tat artist and told me that if the colour didn't take right, that I could come back and he would do a touch up. But I haven't needed to. So, since that time I have been back to talk to him about my next tat, which is going to be something more meaningful and personal, and we have been trying to come up with something suitable. I really like Greg's outlook on tats, that he hates to do things like Taz and Mickey Mouse because they aren't very original and have been overdone. As soon as I get enough money you can bet I am headed back there for my next one, which is going to be a Celtic knotwork butterfly that I designed myself. About the bruised eyebrow...if anyone else has experienced this, please email me. Thanks!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Nikki+Jameson
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