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Is that it? Did you pierce it already?

wanted an eyebrow ring for a long time...forever, it had seemed like. However, one thing stood in my way: my parents. Since I was only 15 and wanted to go to a good sterile place, I would obviously need them to cooperate. I talked to them many a time, begging and pleading, but it was to no avail. However, when I opened the last of my Christmas presents, a certificate fell out that said, "This certificate entitles you, the bearer, to one eyebrow piercing courtesy of your father." I was psyched, and could hardly wait until I could go and get it done! After much careful delibration and research, I decided to go to K and K's Piercing And Jewelry (on the hill in Boulder, by C.U.) I had asked some people on the newsgroup rec.arts.bodyart (thanks guys) what studios they recommended, but all those were in Colorado Springs, and since I live in Loveland, it just wasn't an option for my dad to drive me across the state. Two friends of mine had their tongues pierced at K's recently, and highly reccommended it. So when the big day came, I excitedly headed up to Boulder with my dad and one of the aforementioned friends. When we headed into the shop, I was immediately impressed with the quantity of jewelry and cleanliness of the shop. When it was my turn, I nervously walked up to the front of the store and told the guy behind the counter, "I would like to have my eyebrow pierced." "Would you like a ring or a barbell?" he inquired. "Ring," I answered. They sized my eyebrow, and picked out an 18ga ring. I was given a choice of beads, and I picked out a blue one. They then said it would be about a 15 minute wait, so I stood there patiently. When my turn came, I hopped up into a brown dentist-looking chair that was inside a little cubicle. My dad came back into the cubicle with me and sat in the other chair. My piercer walked in and introduced himself, then asked for my name. I saw him washing his hands in a sink. Then he put on gloves, and set out a tray covered in sterile tissue. He pulled the jewelry out of the autoclave and prepared it. He showed us that he was using a sterile needle, then got a marker and drew two dots by my eyebrow. When I looked in the mirror, I realized that I had wanted the dots a little farther left. When I said this to him, he explained that if it was farther left I would knock it around when I slept and it would be more likely to migrate. I said ok. Then he put clamps on my eybrow. "Take a deep breath," he said, and when I exhaled, he pushed the needle through. I won't lie...right before this happened I was kind of scared, even though I had read experiences on BME that said it barely hurt. It was true...after the needle was through I said, "Is that it? Did you pierce it already?" My dad said, "Yes." Then he put the ring on and popped in the ball...that part hurt more than the piercing, but it was still not much pain at all. I was thrilled when I looked in the mirror and saw how awesome it looked! He gave me a little card detailing the aftercare procedure and explained it to me. My dad paid, and we walked out of the shop and went home. "Thanks, Dad," I said, unable to stop grinning. "You're welcome," he replied, "and Merry Christmas." Back at home, my other family members had varying reactions. My mom looked at it and winced. "Ouch!" she exclaimed. "That looks so painful!" My younger sister grinned. "Wow, that looks really great on you!" "Thanks!" I replied, feeling as if I was on Cloud Nine. So far, the healing has gone pretty well. I've been washing it with anti-bacterial soap, soaking the "crusties" off, and applying Bactine with a Q-Tip twice daily. It looked a little bruised and was sore for a couple of days afterward, but the piercer had explained that this might happen so I wasn't worried at all. Overall, I'd say the experience was great. I'd encourage anyone in northern Colorado who doesn't want to drive incredibly far, but still wants a good piercing experience to go to K and K's. Their prices are reasonable and their professional manner and skill can't be beat. Heh, reading this over I sound like an ad or something. So I'll be incredible cliche and close by saying this...anyone out there who's wanting a hole in your eyebrow...I say go for it! It's indescribable!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: K+and+K%27s+Piercing+and+Jewelry
Location: Boulder%2C+CO

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