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What Is Pez?

end (then boyfriend) and I take the train to Union Street to go to a hair salon so he can get a haircut. As we're walking up Union Street I see an extremely attractive guy with a labret piercing and a purple goatee walking down the street. I point him out to my friend. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I feel the strangest urge to get a piercing done. I tell Alex (the friend, the ex) about it and he's not to thrilled with the idea. I already had my tongue pierced and he had to drink himself into sweet oblivion to deal with the idea of metal in my tongue ('til I got it done, and then he had no problem with it), but anyway he wasn't all to happy. So I let it slide. We walked to the hair place, he got his haircut, and we started walking back to the train station, and there it was...the piercing studio. Somehow I presented my case and Alex and I went in. At this point I did not even know what it was I wanted to get pierced, but as I was walking up the steps, I thought...my eyebrow? yes, my eyebrow. So there we were, and in we went, to find a girl named (Kim? Leslie? ugh) at the front desk. I told her I wanted to get an eyebrow piercing and she told me the price, answered a couple questions I had, and called the guy who would do the piercing...and of course the guy turned out to be the purple goatee / labret guy we saw earlier. I can not remember his name to save my life. Anyhow, he took me to a private room, everything in the place was extremely clean and user friendly. I asked him about the pain factor and such. He explained everything to me, and though nervous, I was fairly confident that I'll live through it just fine. The guy with the purple goatee then proceded to tell me that he collects Pez dispensers and he had a bunch all over the room, to which I asked one of the dumbest questions to date..."what is Pez?"...there was silence...and both the pgg (purple goatee guy) and my ex looked at me and said together "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT PEZ IS?" And I realy didn't. He proceded to explain to me what Pez is, totally bewildered by how such an aspect of American culture never touched me (hehe, I'm not an American), finally I was promised Pez if I was a good girl during my piercing (yes yes back to the piercing). He aske dme where I wanted the eyebrow ring, and marked the place I chose. Pinched my eyebrow with those thingies (I always forget what they're called), and told me he'll pierce on 3, piercing on 2 of course. Once the needle was through it I was amazed at how little pain I really felt, and after the jewelery was in, I really felt like tweezing my eyebrows hurts more. In fact this was probably the least painful piercing I've ever done (besides ear lobes of course). My navel was the worst, but that's another story. I thanked PGG for the piercing, looked at it in the mirror and fell in love with it. It's so damn cute. So I went back o the fornt desk, where the girl told me it looked nice, and we chatted about music and body art for a bit, she gave me my cleaning supplies, and a bussiness card. Cleaning it was simple. And after 2 weeks of crusties and whatnot, I was home free.It did pose a couple problems for me, it's harder to get a socially accepted job (even if you just wanna be a cashier), my parents HATE I, they're extremely conservative in this matter, and as a present to them I have to take it out for my Mother's Day and Father's Day. Whenever I do get a job in those conservative places, I have to go through the unending bullshit of having to take it out in the morning, put it in at night only to take it out in the morning again. Not to mention that I hate to compromise my looks for anybody! I start a new job in a lawyers office in 2 weeks, so it's gonna be frustrating. But despite all this utter crap, I love it!

P.S Oh and for the record, if you want your eyebrow pierced GO WITH A RING FIRST!!!!!!! A few places will actually listen to you and put a barbell in right of the bat, NOT a good idea. I wanted to get pierced with a barbell right away but PGG told me not to do that and for good reasons, later on a couple people I know got problems after getting their eyebrow done with a barbell right of the bat.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: The+guy+with+a+purple+goatee
Studio: A+Superfly+Third+Eye+%28or+something+like+it%29
Location: Brooklyn%2C+NY

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