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My Bridge...After along wait.

got my tongue done first, around 3 months ago. But in the back of my mind,I had always wanted a bridge. They looked so much more tribal, and rare then most other piercings. At least where I live. But, for my second piercing I decided on a simple eyebrow ring. Both,done by Eddie or "Pappy" as his freinds call him. Happy with his work, but not happy with my selection. I decide to go back next week and get the bridge. I go in on Monday, and he tells me the FedEx truck hasnt delivered the jewlery yet, so to come back thursday. Dissapointed, but I agree either way. Tuesday comes, and I am anxious to get my bridge done, so anxious I decide to move it up to Wensday, firguring the jewlery will be there by then. All tuesday night,I look over what little material there is on BME that covers the Bridge piercings. Not really afraid of how bad it will hurt, but curious on the healing and other problems. Wensday comes, I get up and get dressed. Somewhat nervous I go,its around 10:30. I decide to put it off for a few mintues, and I go to Taco-Bell.
11:15 I make my way in the door. He takes me back into the other room, and starts the usual stuff. Cleaning my nose, and marking it. He must of spent 5 mintues making sure it was marked perfect. I cannot stress how picky he was on a perfect placement,which was amazing. He places the clamp on me. Then the moment comes, he pushes the needle thru. It wasn't really painful, but it was an odd pain. I could feel the flesh tearin apart, and pushing thru. But I wasn't wanting to scream or anything. More like, just sit back and accept what was going on. It was just a more odd feeling than anything at all. Afterwards, he takes what little blood I bled, and wipes off. I barely bled any, which was great as I was wearing some good clothes,I didnt wanna ruin. He looks at it,and grins, and says he is happy with it. Hands me a mirror and asks me what I think.. I look at it nervous, scared it would be crooked it,or would look horrible on me. But too my amazement it turned out perfect. I was amazed. I get up to leave, and he tells me to sit back down.. Curious on why, I agree. He gets a camera out,and says "picture time", I look at him and go , "You havent done theese offen,eh?". He explains that there had been no demand all his career for one to be done. I live in a small place, so no one had even saw one before. He had always wanted to do one. But no one had asked for one. So,I agree, and he takes two pictures, one for his keeping, and one for his board/window. I pay him 60 dollars,and we talk for a few, and I tell him I will be back soon to get more in my eyebrows, and I leave.. I go straight to Wal-mart,and Dominos, and people either stare at me, or ask dumb questions, like "did it hurt real bad",etc. No it didnt, and no it doesnt go thru the bone. I really dont mind people staring, as I understand its different, and I dont mind them asking. But, it never occured to me on how negative the culture I was livin in is. People arent open to new things, for their body, and new awareness. I hope, that with the picture of the bridge, people will take interest in it around here. I can hope. Too anyone thinking about getting it done. Go for it, it was an odd pain. But not very painful. As of writing its around 4 hours old, and its not sore,not red,not bleeding,its actually the best so far as for aftercare/effects. But, among all things,make sure your piercer takes his time. A crooked bridge looks horrible. I cannot stress how important it is for them to take their time on this piercing. Take your time on picking your jewlery for it also. Some like the curved, and some dont. I personally went with a straight barbell, and it feels great. But,I have read of some people saying that it caused them headaches,and felt like something was tugging on their skin all the time. Overall,if your thinking of getting it. Just do it. If your in the Kentucky area, I highly suggest Lucky Eddie Swan's Lost Planet, he has done my Tongue/Eyebrow/Bridge, and will do all my others.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Eddie+Swan
Studio: Lucky+Eddie+Swans+Lost+Planet
Location: Pulskai+%2CKy

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