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Best thing I did in 99

et me start with some basic information on me, I'm 14f I live in holland but I'm american. Well I first thought about getting my bellybutton pierced, Becuase I had wanted that for awhile, But I talked to my friend who's older and had many piercings and said that belly hurts more then eyebrow ( becuase I had narrowed it between the two becuase a girl at school had it and I loved it ). So seeing it's winter so a belly piercing is pointless and so many people have it and looking online at bme and other sites I deicied I wanted a eyebrow piercing. But I was really really worried and stuff for a couple weeks. plus I had none to go with for those weeks so I was still thinking. So day befor new years eve rolls along, and my freind luisia call me up and say they're all going out. whice is great timing becuase eyebrow piercing was one of the things I had on my list-of-things-to-do-befor 2000 was get that done. I had asked my mom befor and showed her pictures and all. But she wasent up for it, That wasent a big problem becuase I knew from past experionce's of getting my ear pierced she wouldent mind so much when I actually did it. Anyhow so I woke up thinking IM GOING TO DO IT! really confident and everything, so I met my girlfreind in town and everything and on the way there I got really scared about it and deicied just to go see how much it was. So we dident know where a place was so we spent ages trying to find it, When we finally did we went in and it was really neat, Nice floors and cases with all sorts of piercing jewlery and a few people chatting about, So we asked how much it was to get a eyebrow piercing ( by this time I was so scared just being in there ) and the man with the nose-bridge piercing said a 100 guilders so about 50 dollers. And luisia said holy shit! and Im like well we'll think about it. and we walked out, ( becuase I was just sort of scared ) And so we got out side and luisia asked me how much money I had with me since we we're going to play pool and drink some. I said 120 and she practically dragged me back yelling she dident know that and we looked all day so im GOING to get it ect ect... We went back in and I probably looked like a mess, and I was whining to luisia that I dident want to, And she yelled the guy with bridge piercing over and questioned him if it hurt or not, he said no no no! and took my hand to the back room whice was white with blue and had a dentist type chair. so I sat down still complaining and he said what he would do and it would be allright!,he showed me the ring and said it was better to start with the ring for healing. ( it all looked very professional including the piercer ) so I pretty much said okay ( still whining ) he said okay well if it hurt you may hit me for it So I put in my earphones with busta ryhmes ( lol I know I know, I sugest more smooth music ) and layed down talking to luisia while he took a phone call. so still whining about it he came back cleaned it up real quike and I layed down and closed my eyes by this time I was a little more calm and I glanced at the needle ( they open a new one everytime I saw ) he was opening and quikly shut my eyes again I thought well he's going to put the clamps on first ( becuase I had seen and heard thats what they do, Oh yea! he did draw the dots and I checked it ) I felt a pinch alot like the one you get when you get your ear pierced and I opened my eyes becuase he went to get something ( I thought the needle ), but when I opened my eyes the needle was through!!!! I looked at luisia and said wow... no way! becuase I couldent believe how painless it was!! by that time I had lots of adrienaline running through me I dident really feel the ring part it was just a little tug. And it was over!!!!! I was SO happy like I kept smiling alot and saying omg omg. The piercer told me how to clean it ( I wasent paying much atention I was on cloud 9 ) and gave me the soap instructions and this white stuff. I quikly payed and me and luisia ran out giggling and screaming and we ran around for awhile really happy. It took awhile to get to grip with the fact I actully did it. When I got home my mom was like OMG ( she dident believe Id actully do it ) but she wasent so mad :)
she was mad about the money and unhappy I did it, but glad it dident hurt and I went to a good place. Pyshically it looks absolutly awsome (A little silver ring with ball) Mentally I FEEL SO happy that I DID it, its amazing im still like on a high from it, I feel like I can do anything! I feel like anything I say can be done can. Its wonderful And that was the last BEST thing I did of 1999, ( mentally and pyshically ).


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: A+really+cool+guy+with+nose-bridge+piercing.
Studio: L%27+Extremiste
Location: Nieuwstad+53%2C+Arnhem%2C+The+Netherlands

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