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I miss my eyebrow piercing!

been planning to get my eyebrow pierced for about 2 years. I only have my ears pierced a few times and a cartiledge piercing in my left ear. I knew I would have to get it after everyone telling me, "you'll never do that!" Well they were wrong. In august of 98 me and my friend traveled to wildwood, n.j. for the day with getting pierced in mind. My mom never said I could get it but her mom said she was allowed to get her belly button pierced. I was getting my eyebrow pierced NO MATTER WHAT!!! My friend had another friend down the shore that would sign for us since we both were under 18. How convenient is that? So we went to her house and got out a phone book and looked for possible places to get pierced on the boardwalk later that day. We found a few places and made some calls. We made an appointment at the Mosh Pit. (one of my co-workers just had her eyebrow pierced there and recommended it) So we went to the beach for the day then to the boardwalk for our 5:15 appointment. I was a little nervous at first but extremely excited. The place was really gothic looking and impressed me all around. I could feel my heart pounding as I walked up to the counter. A guy asked us if we had an appointment or wanted one. After we handled that he asked what we would be getting pierced. He told us to pick out the jewelry we liked from behind the counter. I picked out a small 18 gauge straight barbell. My friend picked out a cute 14 gauge twist for her belly button. He then asked if we wanted to buy some soap to clean the fresh piercings with. We did. It cost ten dollars for soap!!!!! I thought that was a bit expensive. The barbell i picked was 30 dollars and the piercing cost 20. So all together it was 50 dollars. Which is what I expected from asking other people what they paid for their piercings. The piercer was so cool he answered all my questions and explained everything to us. The place was very clean. My friend got her belly button done 1st. She screamed when the needle went in so that made me a bit more nervous but i was determined to do it. When she was done i looked at it and it looked great. It was now my turn. I sat down in the chair and he got out all the equipment. He made 2 marks on my eyebrow. One at the top and one at the bottom with a slight angle to them. He then told me he would count to 3 and i would breath out on 3. I did that and it was done. Barely any pain at all! Shocker! The needle was in and then he realized it was the wrong size barbell so he had to get another one and steralize it. So i was sitting down with the needle through with a cork on the end. I didn't open my eyes at all though because i was afraid of seeing the needle. He came back after all the sterilization and what not and put it in. Again no pain! I got up and looked in the mirror it looked so awesome. I was so happy I couldn't wait to get home to show everyone i actually did it. It was a tiny bit sore for about an hour after but other than that it was completely painless. My parents weren't happy at all mostly disgusted by it but they got over it pretty fast. I cleaned it 2x a day with special soap i bought there and i didn't get any infections or anything. Everything was perfectly fine...until about 2 weeks ago. I got the piercing done in the beginning of august and now its december. The piercing was migrating out really fast. I was so upset, I couldn't believe it. I got it pierced pretty far back too but still it was gonna come out whether i wanted it to or not. So the other day I took it out before it came out on its own so i wouldnt get a huge scar. I'm so sad now that I dont have my eyebrow pierced anymore. I'm thinking about maybe getting it done in my other eyebrow a little later but i'm not too sure yet for fear it might grow out again. But i'm definitely thinking about getting other piercings soon. Probably my belly button and an industrial in my ear. Even though my eyebrow piercing did grow out i would do it all over again just to have it for the time i did!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+can%27t+remember%21
Studio: Mosh+Pit
Location: Wildwood%2C+New+Jersey

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