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self piercing. if your going to do it, dont do it like this.

seventeen year old high school student who lately has been getting into alot of the punk subculture. from music to clothes. and I thought that I would pierce my eyebrow with a safety pin to sort of initiate myself into the subculture of punk, And since I often do things on whims, such as mohawk haircuts and self infliced scars, i felt that this was the sort of thing i should do. The whole experience was not a bad one, I learned from my mistakes(which were many) i also think that people should not pierce themselves unless they are willing to risk infection, and scaring. I didnt actually pierce it with a safety pin. I thought that they were too dull, so I used a needle about the same size as my safety pin. The whole process took more than three hours, which is longer than it should have. I prepared my self by taking a walk, and getting some fresh canadian air into my lungs, also to go down to the grocery store to buy some baby ambesol. When I got home I cleaned the needle and safety pin, rubbed a sigificant amount of ambesol on my right eyebrow, got some ice from the freezer, put that on my eyebrow, and picked up the needle. I was feeling rather timid about doing this, so I started slowly. to slow as a matter of fact. at the end of the first hour I had only gotten 1/3 of the way in. This leads to another problem which I will mention later. The hardest part was getting it through the skin both ways. now by this time I am feeling queesy, and it takes alot to make me feel like that. so I'm in my room with a needle sticking part way through my eyebrow when my mom walks in. this is not good, since she has no idea what I am doing. I jump into my closet, and pretend Im looking for something. she goes away. so I go back to my dresser, where I have everything,and I start pushing the needle again. its stoped hurting when I got through the skin, so after that I had no problem, but the part that made me dizzy and almost faint was when I was pushing the needle through the skin from the back. It was an interesting feeling. Not one you would have on a regular basis. the feeling of pushing it through tha fatty tissue under my eyebrow was an interesting feeling. i did not feel pain, but mild discomfort, and a sort of tingly sensation as it worked its way up. this is the part where I am almost though but not quite; was the longest. I'd say about one and a half hours. I reach the other part of skin on my way out, and i felt, as mentioned before, queasy. i sat down for a few minutes. relaxed to some t.v and pushed it all the way through. i got a rush of adrenalin and nausia at the same time. i felt victorious. But now I have a problem. I have a needle in my eyebrow, not a safety pin. this is where I went wrong. I pulled the needle back out, which is a bad idea because of infections (which I did get later). then I struggled for another hour to fit the safety pin into the smaller needle hole. this also made me queesy. did I mention that i pulled it out a few times? do not do this. It causes infection. another thing I did wrong was not properly sterilize the needle or the pin. I simply soaked them in rubbing alcohol. i also know that this is not good for piercing as I have my lip pierced (professionally). The day after, all was good. i walked around painless and carefree for the majority of the day. I showed a few friends, had a few drinks. day two was a different story. it started to get a little red, so I cleaned it really good with antibacterial soap. This did not help. Day three, its really red and pus is starting to leak. I clean it yet again really good. day four, full on infection. it was red, and there was a greenish pus crusting at either end of the piercing. But alas, being stubborn me, I did not take it out. I let it rot on my face for seven more days, until it got snagged on my shirt, and ripped out easily because my body was rejecing it and it had migrated towards the infected surface a great deal. Now thanks to my fudged eyebrow job i have a rather large vertical scar on my eyebrow where no hair grows. I am left with a short eyebrow, a big scar, a new lesson learned.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: mee%21%21%21
Studio: in+my+bedroom+and+partly+in+the+bathroom
Location: slave+lake+alberta

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