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the people i work with said she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced. That got me thinking about my next piercing. I had gotten my tongue done a few months before, and the need for something new was eating at me. Who ever says this isn't addicting is full of it. I think the more you get, the quicker you want another one, because i am already looking into my next piercing. I looked at the eyebrow piercings on BME, and decided thats what i want. This other girl we work with got her ear done at this place called Zebra and said they were really good and that we should go there. Well accually she didn't know the name of the place, she said she had just come from the bar when she did it. So we had to go drive around untill we found it. My girlfriend has always wanted to get her nostril done, and her cousin was comming up for Thanksgiving and she wanted a tattoo. So on wednesday when she got here, we were going to go at about four in the afternoon. We didn't end up leaving untill around eight at night. WE all piled into the car anyway and drove to this Zebra place we heard about. Well by the time we got there, they were just closing. So the day after Thanksgiving we drove back again. We walked in and my girlfriend walked up to the counter and told the man she wanted her nose done. They picked her nose screw, and then she paid. They said there would be about a fifteen minute wait. While we were waiting, we were looking for a tattoo for her cousin. The tattoo guy drew her a flower, and she decided she wanted that. The guy told her there would be about a three hour wait though. We couldn't wait that long because we had a party to go to later in the day. So she made an appointment for the next day. The bad part is, the next day when she came back, the power went out. So she had to go back once again to get her tattoo finished. Anyway, back to the story. My girlfriend was called back, and by the time i got back to the back, they were all done, and the piercer had q-tips up her nose to stop the bleeding. I wanted to laugh and say "NO NO Q-TIPS GO IN YOUR EAR", but i didn't. Then she got a free soda and came back out front. Then i went and told the guy I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. We picked a barbell and went over the cleaning procedures. The whole time we were going over all the stuff, somehow some girl got ahead of me that was getting her tongue done. When the piercer got done with a girl that was getting her tongue done, it was my turn. When i went back, the piercer was really friendly. She was getting all her tools set up and asked what side i want it on. I told her the right so it would even things out. So she marked the two little spots and asked if that looked good. I had to get everyone's opinion, and finally said that was fine. She said ok and told my to close my eyes. I wasn't nervous at all because i had my tongue done so i knew what to expect. When I got my tongue done it hurt more than my eyebrow, and that just felt like getting your ears pierced. Anyway, she put the clamps on, and then put the needle through. I couldn't see what happened or anything because my eyes were closed. She said you can open your eyes now, and you get a free soda, what kind do you want. Thats all there was to it. It was virtually painless. It Felt more like when you pinch your eyebrow than pushing something through it. That was that was two weeks ago, and i have no problems at all. Well it did start to get a little sore about three days after i got it, so I soaked it in salt water. I also take zinc tablets every night after I eat dinner because zinc is supposed to be good for healing. It didn't even swell up much the day i got it done. It never got very sore either. I asked later, and they said it didn't bleed either. I would recomend this piercing to anybody because it is painless and it looks great. Unless of coures you work in an office that doesn't allow it, but then you can put a band aid over it. I work in an office and my boss didn't say anything about it. Go ahead and email me if you want to know anything. Jace


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: didn%27t+tell+her+name
Studio: Zebra
Location: Berkeley%2C+CA

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