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Peircing #2

fifteen years old and Other than my ears my only peircing was my nose. I had wanted to get my eyebrow done for almost a year. But I had a few reasons why I didn't run to the peircers. For one thing I didn't have the money and also I knew my parents and my boyfriend didn't want me to. When i broke up with my boyfriend (for reasons other than the eyebrow thing) I decided I would get it done as a sort of new begining. And the parents weren't really a factor considering I didn't bother asking about my first peircing! So I jumped on a bus with one of my best friends and my new boyfriend (it was a few weeks later OK?), Emily and Geoff, and went down town. We were there to buy hair dye (blue and purple), bleach, and to get my eyebrow done. I went to Universal and talked to the guy there who said I needed parental consent if I was under eighteen and I couldn't get it done at all unless I was at least sixteen. He also assured me that parental consent via telephone was fine. So we went and Called my friend Megan. SHe was my 'Mom'. When we returned to universal it was closed so we went across the street to Future Skin! I said I was sixteen and he could call my mom. He asked me what my number was and I realised belatedly that I had no idea what Megan's number was! So I faked having moved recently and asked my friend saying I couldn't remember. I doubt the guy believed me, but he pretended to at least! So he went to the payphone outside and called Megan. He came back in and said "She said no" My friends both gasped, I only lifted my eyebrow in disbelief. Then he laughed and led me into the cubicle where they did the peircings. Emily came in with me, Geoff sat outside and waited. I wasn't particularly nervous, I had heard it hurt a lot but that didn't bother me to much. He pulled out a clean needle and i was a little apprehensive about how big it was! But I didn't say anything. He wiped some sort of antiseptic on my eyebrow and dotted where he would peirce it with a marker. He told me to close my eyes and I felt him put the clamp on. It was kind of cold but otherwise not to bad. Then I felt the needle tip touch my skin. He asked if I was okay and I said yes. Then he pushed it through. I grunted once more because I was unsure of how it would feel than because of any pain. It really didn't hurt much, it was almost nice. I felt him attatch the ring and pull it through as he murmered "good girl" After he took the clamp off I opened my eyes and he asked if I was okay and if I felt dizzy or sick. i assured him I was fine, payed him and scampered out of the shop with my friends. I was SO happy!!! I would have been bouncing off the walls but since we were walking down the street there were none! My parents didn't notice for about three days ( they love me SO much) and when they did all they did was shake their heads and ask why. What else could they do? Make me take it out? I didn't even get grounded. i was told that it would heal in about four weeks and after a month I could change my hoop to a barbell. The healing went pretty well, except that after three weeks the bead fell off when I pulled on my hockey equipment. It took almost two weeks for me to get back downtown to get a new bead. and in those two weeks it got caught on things repeatedly and got infected because of being jerked around so much. After I got the new bead though it pretty much healed up within a week. Overall it was a great experience. I know I will get at least one more peircing but right now I'm not sure what yet. My next project is a tattoo of a pretty little fairy, on my hip, or my shoulder blade or the small of my back. Feel free to email me with suggestions! My mom is getting it for me for my Sixteenth B-day! One thing, always check out the place where you are going to be peirced the before hand.
My first peircing (nose) was in a booth at the Ottawa Exhibition. She did it with a gun. And an ear stud. Not good. Don't do that. Check things out. Seeya!!! Love, carly


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Dec. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Some+guy
Studio: Future+Skin
Location: Rideau+St.++Ottawa

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