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Eyebrow piercing... it was spur of the moment

brow piercing was a weird one, I have to say. Spur of the moment, I was sitting in the pub, flicking thru Savage magazine, and I just suddenly decided to get my Eyebrow pierced. We knew a good piercer, about 5 minutes walk to where we were from, so we rang them first. However, the piercer, was not in that day. So, we eventually found ourselves ringing around various places in central london to see if we could find anywhere, that was close enough for us to travel to. (I had a train to catch the same day, so time was tight) We eventually decided to go to Quixotic, which was about 30 minutes away. We got the train and the bus to the piercers, and all the time I was thinking, is this the right thing to do. I could easily change my mind and get a piercing that no one will see. I have been wanting a PA piercing for a couple of months now, after getting both my nipples pierced, but this time i had the bug to get my eyebrow done. I was set on getting my eyebrow pierced. I decided that the next time I was in London i would get my PA. A couple of minutes, in the waiting room, I then filled in the form to say I was happy with what they were going to do, and waited while a young girl had her navel pierced. I had to choose the jewlery that i was wanting in the piercing. I decided on a barbell rather than a BCR, because of where I work. I chose a black bar, with 2 silver balls on. The place had a wrong order sent thru, of black bars, with the balls that were far too large. I though this looked cool as a bar alone, but when my eyebrow healed, i thought that this would look even better, but more of that to come soon... Eventually, after about a 10 minute wait, I was asked to go down stairs, and trying hard not to whack my head on all these beams that were there.. and was met down stairs, by my piercer. I walked into the piercing room, had a look around, it was very clean, and the person who was doing the piercing (i honestly cannot remember his name) was very pleasant and reasurring (although he need not have been that reassuring, as i have had some piercings already in my life, i felt as if he was treating it to be my first piercing, which kind of annoyed me.) He talked me thru all the procedure which was a bit monotonous as I have heard it before, but at least he did mention everything that was going to happen. He marked on where he was going to pierce, and let me have a look in the mirror to see if I was happy with it, which i was. He changed his gloves again, and then i lay back waiting for the pierce. My friend asked if he was going to use any anaesthetic, and the piercer mentioned that it was illegal to do so, and even if he did, and it got into my eye, I would be blind. Anyway, I was happy to have the piercing with no anaesthetic. The eyebrow was clamped, and the piercer explained yet again what he was going to do. The needle went in and i felt a slight pain. Without the anaesthetic, it was a lot less than I though it would be, but i knew the worst was to come. The piercer mentioned that i had the plastic tube at the moment in the eyebrow, and then explained he was going to put the bar through. This bit is what hurt the most. The pierce was done, and I was explained about all the aftercare, what to do if it got infected and the like.
3 weeks on, it is nearly healed, I had a bit of a black eye for the first week of having the piercing, but it was my own fault, as I went out one night and had a bit too much to drink, and ended up falling UP the stairs, and banging it, which is one of the things the piercer told me to try and avoid. He said if it did happen, the healing process would take a bit longer. It seems ok now, and i haven't really had any problems with it. There are somedays that it feels a bit sore, but it is getting better by the day. The reasoning behind getting the black bar is that, when the bar is lined up perfectly, you can see small bits of the bar at the top and to bottom...... well it pleases me anyway.. maybe next time i'm in london i'll get my PA, which i've been wanting for months now... Marky


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: unknown
Studio: Quixotic
Location: London

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