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Self-eyebrow piercing

re is the wonderful story of my eyebrow piercing. I have been wanting my eyebrow pierced since about a year ago and I wanted it bad. My mother was a little skeptical when I brought the subject up, but after a little persuading, she gave in. So I saved up my money, $60 to be exact, and my Mom took me to a piercing and tattoo parlor about a half hour away in Connecticut has a pretty good reputation. I was pretty nervous even thought countless people had told me that it doesn't hurt. We went inside only to have the artist tell me that I cannot have it done because it was a state law that if I'm under 16 I can't have it done. I was crushed, what a stupid law! I returned home to the realization that I can't get it done for another two years!! But then I realized that state law in Connecticut wont let it be done, but I live in Massachusetts! So about a couple months down the line I once again found a pretty reputationable piercer and saved my money up. My Mom and I took a trip up to the piercing parlor to find out that it was just the crappy home of a big sweaty lady that has a beard, and yes she really did have a beard. Nasty was the word for it all, but I wanted my eyebrow done and a this point I didn't care who did it. The lady was surprisingly nice and very professional but told me that she would not do it because I was so young and would just grow out of it. Man was I pissed! so I returned home again feeling hopeless. That's when BME came into play. I wanted this piercing done so badly, I was reading everything I could about it, including experiences from BME readers. I made up my mind, IM doing this my self!! Now all I needed to do was learn more about it, the procedure, aftercare, everything I could. I even got one of my friends to let me pierce their eyebrow. OK, I had the knowledge, and I had some experience, now I needed supplies. I searched for about two months for the supplies over the Internet. I came across this one site that had pre-steralized needles for $0.80 and captive bead rings for the same price. I ordered a couple 18 gauge needles and an 18 gauge ring. about a week later it came in the mail. Now here is my experience: I carefully washed my hands with Dial antibacterial soap. I washed the spot-to-be-pierced carefully too. I put on my latex gloves and whipped out my ruler. Measured 5/8th's of an inch out and dotted the entry and exit holes-to-be. I took out my needle from it's sterilization pouch and started the piercing. It was very difficult to see what I was doing in the mirror with my hands practically in my eye, but I felt it go in and it was going smoothly. I took away my hand to see my progress and it was way off!! I took the needle out and tried again. It took about 3 or 4 tries to get it in right. I placed one end of the ring in the back of the needle and started pushing the rest of the needle through when I slipped. The needle was all the way through and out, but the ring was still in my hand. Blood came out and went everywhere. There was no way that I could get the ring in the bloody, hard to see hole. So I did it again and put the ring in right. I was so happy. there was a piece of metal in my face! But believe it or not the hardest part was still to come. I had to put the bead back in the ring. And all of you with piercings know how hard that is! Well, I finally got it in and went to show al my friends. My Mom didn't really mind because she kinda knew I was going to do it. She just says that that's the last piercing for me. HAHA. What mama doesn't know wont hurt her..... As for healing, it didn't swell up at all or even get red. I clean it daily with salt water, rotating it around getting the crusts out. And I clean it with Dial antibacterial soap when I'm in the shower. Its been a week since I did it and it's already starting to lay down. I think its kinda funny, my brother got his done professionally about two months ago, paid $60 and it got infected. I just became educated about the subject and spent barely pennies, and mine is doing just fine. Please feel free to E-mail me with any questions or comments.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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