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My eyebrow

wanted to get my tounge peirced since I was about 13. I've been asking my mom, and all she says is NO NO NO NO! Well, I finally managed to convince her for my 17th birthday. I had everything all planned out, picked a place, set a date, and I was SO PSYCHED! But as luck would have it, she chickened out on the tounge the day I was supposed to get it done. She asked me if there was anything else I would like to have done, since she couldn't bear the thought of her daughter with a tounge ring. Anything else I wanted was fine, a tattoo, even my nipples or genitals, she just was so dead against the tounge. I was majorly disappointed, of course, but I had always kind of wanted a cute little eyebrow ring, so I announced that to her, and I could see a huge sigh of releif coming from her. That, she said, she would have no problem with. The next day we set off to a nice little place somewhere in cocoa beach, as we were spending the summer in Florida. They said they would not be able to do it because we were not Florida residents and certain forms had to be notorized, and they needed proof of residence. DENIED! AGAIN! I was so upset! For the next 2 weeks until we returned home I just moped around the beach house. Which trust me, is hard to do! Such a spoiled brat, I am.

It seemed like forever until we got back to Pennsylvania. Finally we did, and after talking to some freinds with peircings, I settled on Hellbound. Finally, finally, finally, the day came and I set out to get peirced. Well we walked in the studio, and I was very very very nervous. My mom was telling me I had to go talk to them and tell them what I want and I was just looking at her like a deer caught in the headlights. Finally I sucked in a deep breath and walked over to the counter. A lady who looked like she was in her late 20's asked how she could help me, and I said I'd like my eyebrow peirced. She said ok, $35, and are you 18? I told her no but pointed to my mom and all was set. My mom filled out paperwork and asked questions like crazy while I stood there trying not to hyperventilate. After about 5 minutes she went back behind the counter, pulled some guy up front, introduced us and said he would be my peircer. My mom then asked if she could come back with me while i get it done, and the guy was very cool about it. He said sure, took us back behind a partition, had me sit on a bench and asked me which side I wanted it on. He had to ask me about 3 times because I was so nervous I couldn't understand what he was saying. I sputtered out, "whichever side its supposed to be on". He looked at me as if I were half nuts and then he told me to take a couple deep breaths. Then he told me it would be the left side, and not to worry it really doesnt hurt. He took out a marker and marked where it would be, had me look in a mirror, and asked if it was ok. I said yup its perfect and went back to sitting down. He took out some clamps, stretched out my eyebrow, took it off again, put on fresh gloves again, and started getting out various formulas, mixing them, dropping things in them, etc. I was jumping and squirming around in my seat, and he told me I'd have to sit still. Finally, finally, the moment arrived. He put on fresh gloves once again, and pulled out my eyebrow with the tongs, as I grabbed onto my moms hand and squeezed like hell. That wasn't any help! Her hands were sweating, she was sooooo nervous, and I could feel her heart racing a mile a minute. Well that calmed me down a lot because she was nervous for me. I saw the needle coming towards me and let me tell you the thing looked HUGE! He popped it through and it was so utterly painless I didnt realize it was in until he told me to wait a second while he put the ring in. Well the ring went in smoothly, and I felt a little tugging while he clamped the ball in place. He said ok you're all set and I JUMPED out of my chair. He had me look in the mirror again and there was this idiotic GRIN all over my face. I loved it! I thanked the guy profusely while my mom chatted with him a few minutes, then he explained the aftercare to me. Piece of cake! Wash with antibacterial soap twice a day and soak in salt water 3 times a day for 2 weeks. He asked me if I had any more questions and I said NOPE but I need a cigarette like all hell! He laughed and told me smoking is bad, and after thanking him again I skipped out of the store, lighting up, and skipped all the way to the car. My mom laughed at me and was just like, well I hope your happy, cuz it looks really good on you, and started asking me questions about how much it hurt, yadda yadda yadda. Finally we got home, and I went out to show all my freinds the new metal. Everyone loved it except my grandmother who FREAKED, we didnt talk for about 3 weeks afterwards. The pain was minimal. I mean, it was sore for about 3 or 4 weeks, and I couldnt sleep on my left side after waking up one morning with a blanket caught in it, but hey, it was all well worth it. The salt water does wonders let me tell ya!!! Soothes the pain right out of a fresh peircing. That was a little over a year ago, and its still in and looking great! I could take it out after 6 months with no problem, it was 100% healed, and I don't regret it at all. I think it looks great. Since then I also got my belly button peirced, and I'm still wanting the tounge badly! But out of respect for my mom I'll wait until I move out or she gives the ok. I may be 18 but I don't want her freaking out on me. So I'd say to anyone who wants it, get it! It's painless and looks good on most people, and its not a pain to take care of at all! ~~Jesykah~~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: I+don%27t+remember
Studio: Hellbound
Location: Allentown%2C+PA%2C+on+Hamilton+ave.

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