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my 16g eyebrow barbell

ast two years of my life have been pretty turbulent. i'm not going to go into in now because i dont want to write it and you dont want to read it. when i turned 18 there was some serious shit going down, and i thought to mark the sort of rite of passage i was going through, i would get a piercing. i started with an outer-conch barbell. from then on anytime there was a large change in my life or any kind of milestone, i got a new piercing to mark the occasion. i consider each one a marker of a period in my life. as i said, i started with a conch, then four lobes (at seperate times), a snug, and a tragus (for my 20th birthday). about three weeks ago my girlfriend and i decided that our relationship wasnt going to work out and that stuff was just generally wrong. we had been dating for five years (since i turned 15!) and this was the end of an era in my life. the next day i decided to get a new piercing to mark this momentous occasion. i had done a lot of research on local piercing parlors. there were only two i felt comfortable with, and of those two my favorite was piercology. everyone there is very clean and professional. most of my friends had piercings done in columbus and all of them gave piercology the best rating. with that decided, i picked an eyebrow piercing. i had never been able to pierce my face before because of my job. i am third year engineering student at the ohio state university and i decided to take a quarter off from work to concentrate on school. finally i could pierce away. my roommate and i went at about 8:00p.m to piercology (he had been out of town and just got back) with the expectation of both getting our eyebrows pierced. it turns out they were backed up until closing time, but they offered to stay later or give us %20 off vouchers if we came back the next day. we opted for the %20 off, even though it was a disappointment. we got up bright and early (at 11:00) the next day and had some breakfast. then we got in my car and smoked and listened to the rev. horton heat (for a little courage). piercology was pretty busy and we got behind some jock guy who was getting his tongue pierced (as his first piercing). well, he came out later looking white as a sheet with that "what the hell have i done!?" look on his face. mat (my roommate) and i had a good laugh. i was a little nervous sitting in the waiting room, but we went back into the piercing room and as i watched mat get his done, i got really excited. as the piercer changed his gloves i jumped in the seat ready to go. he marked it and let me look. i had some adjustments and finally got it right where i wanted it. pretty close to the middle. while he was marking it, i noticed that he had a 4ga soul ring. i asked him if it was a punch or what and he said "no, they did that with a 4ga NEEDLE!" right through the cartilege! he said that his friend had taped it and the whole time as the needle was going in, you could see nothing but fear on his face. well, it was time. as i said, i was ready to go. i wasnt nervous..for some reason i'm only nervous until i go back to the room. he told me of course to take the deep breath, and as i did, he pushed it through. it hurt a tiny bit....kind of like getting pinched. not bad at all and if you can stand plucking an eyebrow or something, you can survive this. i had picked a 16ga barbell for mine (mat got an 18ga cbr). the problem was, my barbell was externally threaded. that was the part that kind of hurt. him squishing my eyebrow together, pushing the damn threads through, and the tightening of the ball. it was still not anywhere near what i would call pain. we went outside and got our caresheets and sea salt and floated outside. we were both still really high from the piercing and mat yelled "GOD I WANT TO SMOKE!" so we literally threw our shit on the ground and whipped out the smokes. we felt awesome the rest of the day.
its been about three weeks and it's healed beautifully. for the first three days or so it was about as sore as a pimple. you know, it doesnt hurt unless you mess with it. i wash it with provon twice a day and i cant feel it at all. it was a little pinchy at first but now it feels just like a part of my body. i'm going to keep cleaning it for quite some time because i stopped too early with my tragus and it got really really infected (and still is). i havent used any sea salt on it because the top hole looks a little dry sometimes and i dont want to dry it out. sea salt seems to do that. this is a great piercing. it looks great on most people, it's easy to take care of, and if you're worried about the pain, it doesnt hurt. i highly suggest it and i dread the idea of wearing an eyebrow retainer when i go back to work.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: i+always+forget+to+ask+names.....
Studio: piercology
Location: columbus%2C+ohio

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