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brow experience

there... I have been considering getting my brow pierced for what seems like a life time. But I have just moved to London from Australia and my ex girlfriend in oz wanted me to get my brow done before leaving the country.. and so did I... But I was concerned with what customs or immigration might think and if it would cause problems in entering the country.. so I piked it..

So now I have been in London for 8 months now and the thought of getting it done has never left my mind. My new girl friend also wanted me to get my brow done.. but like most of u have heard of the horror stories of paralysed faces and drooping faces.. After reading some BME stories and asking the doc for his option I decided that I was gonna get this done .. if it killed me or not!

I actually tried to get it done one weekend prior to actually getting it done.. but it was totally rushed and I missed out.. but this gave me more time to make sure I wanted to get it done.. it also gave me more time to worry about complications :(

But I rang up Cold Steel, (www.coldsteel.co.uk or www.demon.co.uk/delirio/site/main.html) and booked to get my brow done on the Friday that week.. I was amped after making the call.. I had to rush out of work .. get the bus.. get the train.. and then the tube up to Camden town.. believe me.. a very tight run.. anyway I got to Camden and my girlfriend was standing there waiting for me.. grabbed some food (they advice u to eat before getting it done)... and went up to the studio.. at this stage I was very nervous.. but I think that Michelle was more so.. I picked out the bar I wanted.. a 16ga bar and was set!!

We walked upstairs and into a clean and well lit room.. I asked the guy (forget his name) a few quick questions.. like have u done many before.. have u ever had any probs etc.

He was extremely helpful.. he was not full of piercing or tats and looked quite professional.. he told me of the training he had taken and the time he had been doing this for......very re-assuring

He asked me to sit on the table and he cleaned his hands and then my brow.. got a pen and marked where he thought I should get it placed.. he then asked me to check to see if it was ok.. it looked ok to me and Michelle.. He then told me exactly what he was going to do and how he was gonna do it.. I watched him open a sealed package.. again very re-assuring.. I lay down and he clamped my brow.. He told me to take 2 deep breaths and on the 2nd one he would do the job.. I took the first one.. and after breathing out... just held my breath.. knowing that the next breath I was gonna be pierced.. I breathed in.. and then out.. now if u have ever had stitches this is what it felt like... NO pain at all (quite amazing) just a slight pulling.. but no pain at all.. and no bleeding aswell.. he screwed on the bottom ball and told me he was finished... and to get up when I felt ok to do so..

I was stoked.. my face did not droop and my face was not parlayed... I turned to Michelle.. no reaction.. hmmmm.. I turned to the mirror.. hmmm what's this thing.. SWEET JESUS.. was my first reaction.. it looked cool.. he then went through how to keep it clean and the healing process.. I thanked him and off we went.. I was unsure if Michelle like it.. but she said she did.. after all she wanted me to get it done aswell..

Now I work for British Airways.. not that I sell tickets or book people in.. but.. I was still a bit worried what the boss was gonna say on Monday morning. .but I had 2 days my self to get use to my new addition and Michelle like wise.. I didn't really care what they thought.. I'm over here on a working holiday so impressions dont do much for me at the moment.. Monday came along.. after a big weekend.. hehehe.. and I walked into the office... I was supprised.. most people picked up on it straight away.. and most said it looks good.. suits you.. well ok so far.. 3-4 days passed with the boss saying nothing.. then out of the blue.. he goes.. 'that's new isint?' ... 'yea' I replied.. 'looks good' .. well well there u go.. he was cool with it.. so I'm set.. dont know what my next job will think of it though?

Its now been 4 weeks since I have had it done and at first I was unsure if I liked it.. but after getting use to it.. I LOVE it.. I cant believe I did not get it done earlier.. ohh.. well im still only 22.. and Michelle loves it too...hehehehe.. I have had no problems in infection or rejection.. as long as u take care of it and clean it properly.. I cant see myself having any problems.. I would definitely recommend anyone in London get their whatever pierced @ Cold Steel.. later Zac :)

If want to drop us a line.. pls do so @ Ryer@start.com.au


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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