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Eyebrow piercing at 17

o start this off I was going down to toronto with my friend, so that he could get his dick pierced, which I thought was cool but I couldn't get over the thought of the pain of it. On the trip down it was a bunch of friends together getting all excited that he was getting his dick pierced, we live about 2-3 hours north of toronto so it was a pretty good road trip we had going for ourselves. So we get to toronto and we get lost, so about an hour later we finally find the road where the shop was on, but by that time it was already 3 o'clock, which by the way was the time of the appointment my friend was suppose to make. So when we got there, we were like an hour late, but that was cool with Blair. Blair asked which one of us was getting a piercing done, so my friend said it was him and I tagged along for some support. After about 10 mins of chit chatting between me, my friend and Blair the coversation switched over to me and how I wanted to get my lip or eyebrow done, So Blair said that if his next appointment wasn't there he'd do my eyebrow cuz my lip would take longer so I was all stoked. After my friend got his abadriyvia or however it's spelt was done, Blair said he'd just run out front and see if his next appointment was there, and it wasn't. I asked him how much it would cost, and he said $45 bucks so I was kewl with that cuz that's all I had, He asked me what I wanted and I told him that I wanted a barbell, so he took me to the display case and he showed me the different kinds and he told me most people get a 16 or 18 guage eyebrow ring, so I opted for a 16 guage stainless steel barbell, and I didn't know a barbell would cost more. So I sat down and talked with him then he said lay down and we can start. I layed down and he started talking about how I should keep it clean and stuff, so I just nodded and asked him little questions. Blair put the clamp on my brow and asked me if I wanted him to tell me when I was about to get pierced so I just said nah it's cool, so he started to pierce me and it didn't hurt I was surprised, but at the same time i was kinda scared cuz it felt like he was pushing through 3 inches of my flesh for some reason, so I had a little bit of a panic attack thinking that he was piercing my whole forehead, but I settled down and decided that he's the professional and he knows what he's doing, and that all happening within 2 seconds but after the 2 seconds of just a mild burning feeling it was over. While all that was going on in my head my friend that just got pierced was swarming around with my camera taking pictures of the procedure, which I didn't mind one bit, except that he was blinding me with the flash cuz some how every time he took at picture the flash would go straight into my eyes. So I got up and looked in the mirror well I looked into the mirror as well as I could with being half blinded by the flashes and it looked pretty good in my eyes, So my friend that was with me said that it looked awesome so I was damn stoked. I walked out front to pay him, and three other friends of mine where there and they all said that I looked sexy or good with my eyebrow done so I was excited by that little part of it. I walked up to the front and my friend payed him first, I got my cash all ready and he told me that it would be 65 dollars and I was all shocked and stuff cuz he told me that it was 45 bucks, but he neglected to tell me that a barbell was an extra 20 dollars which I didn't mind cuz my friend was there to help me out so he gave it to me for 60 dollars instead. But all and all I had a wicked time getting my eyebrow pierced and Blair will be the only guy that I will let pierce me, cuz I saw how he treated my friend and I liked the way he treated me and I think that's pretty rare these days to friend a piercer thats really cool and nice to talk to and makes you feel comfortable in his studio. And plus if you had it good the first time then why change? LoNe Punk

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submitted by: Bruce Wayne
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Blair
Studio: Tat-a-rama
Location: Toronto

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