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Piercing With Safety Pins

here it is. This is my at home piercing experience. I pierced my nose at home with a safety pin back in May of '98. So by the time the new school year rolled around in August I felt it was time for another one. I had always wanted my eyebrow pierced anyway. So here I was sitting in my bedroom looking in the mirror depressed as hell. I was listening to something that made me remember things I try not to. Then I got to thinking now's a better time than any to pierce my eyebrow. I found a safety pin and opened it up. Then I bent it into the shape of an "L". Stupid me, of course, I didn't sterilize the damn thing. I picked out a spot that looked about right for an eyebrow piercing and proceeded to stick it through. I just kept watchng myself in the mirror, not even thinking about what I was actually doing or how dangerous it was. I was angry and sad and didn't even feel the pain.

I started to feel the pin going through each layer of skin. Finally I felt the point come out the other side. I pushed it through and closed the pin. My friend brought me some medical ointment to clean it with. I cleaned it out everyday, but it was secreting clear fluid. I thought it was infected, but later found out that it's normal for that to happen. The next morning was the first day of school of my sophmore year. I saw the principal on my way to lunch and he stopped me. I mean I did have a safety pin in my eyebrow. He asked if I was aware of the pin and if it hurt. It even made the local newspaper. A teacher had asked if a safety pin in one's eyebrow was disruptive to the educational process? I still have the news clipping in my room. I only kept it in for about a week. I thought it was getting infected and I didn't want to risk it. I loved having my eyebrow pierced, but I wasn't about to have it get all nasty. Luckily, my nose was a better experience and I still have that pierced. It hurt for awhile from removing the studs and changing the earings I put in there. Now I've had that pierced for over a year and the pain has left. But the captive bead gauge I have in there looks pretty sweet.

So here it is almost a year later in August of '99 and I was on this website. Last night I had decided why to wait and get it professionally done. Then, like before, I went up to my bedroom. This time I sterilized the safety pin and I had a gauge to put in it. I had the safety pin in for a few hours then took it out to put the gauge in. I must have sat there for a half an hour trying to get that damn thing in, but it was a no go. The damn thing just wouldn't go through where the pin had been. It continues to hurt like a bitch and it's slightly swollen. And like people do I can't help but poke at it and, of course, that just makes it hurt even more. This time I have decided to called a few local piercing places in Louisville. At least I can get a price estimate. Hey who knows maybe I'll get it done free since I already have the body jewelry. If I were you take this advice: Only pierce your nose or ears at home. At home piercing are very dangerous and being the stupid ass I am went through it anyway. I could have hit a neve and went blind or had that side of my face paralized. So please if you want something pierced just spend the money and get it professionally done. It's alot safer and cleaner! But if you're stupid like me and deicide to do it at home remember to disinfect everything and be careful! Now if you still haven't learned any thing by reading this you probably shouldn't have any thing pierced anyway. Because if you can't understand the risks of at home piercings you shouldn't do it. There are consequences to everything and this is just one of those things. So again I will profoundly suggest for all you cheap bastards you don't want to spend the money when you can do it yourself for free: don't be such a cheap-ass just pay the extra cost and get it done professionally!

Well I hope you've enjoyed my little tale of safety pins and the holes I've put in my body. Hopefully you'll take my advice. Thanks again! -Goddess*F~ck

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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