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My new *favorite* body part!

started a few weeks ago while chatting with some friends online who were planning on coming and visiting me from Michigan. I had mentioned that I found a couple of tattoo places in the city in which we would be spending the majority of our time. They were extremely excited about the concept of getting inked and I was excited about maybe getting a piercing since I already have 3 tattoos. I also once had my tongue pierced back in April but I didn't like it much plus my parents just about died when I told them about it, so I took it out. My original plan was to try the tongue piercing again and my plans stayed the same until my friends actually got here. They thought it would be cooler to get my eyebrow done instead and I agreed. We immediately looked through the phone book and called up Skintastik Tattoos in Lake City, Florida. We got their hours and made plans to go right when they opened the next day. Finally morning came and we were off, on our way to Skintastik at around noon. We arrived shortly after the shop had opened and we started to nervously look through the flash art on the walls. My friends were looking for butterfly tattoos and I was in search of my piercing. I was a little shy at first and still unsure about my decision but I eventually got the nerve to atleast look at the jewelry and announce my intentions to the owner of the shop. "I'd like to get my eyebrow pierced!", I exclaimed. He got the proper paperwork for me to fill out and took my I.D. and then had me pick out the jewelry. I asked what would be best and he said that a captive bead ring would work the best in stainless steel. I told him that I wanted the smallest ring possible so he grabbed the last really small one he had and had me pick a bead then he put it in some solution to sterilize it. I then paid the $37 and some odd change. He led me to a small room and my friends followed to watch. I took a seat and then the nerves kicked in. While he arranged his tools and got everything ready, I asked if it was going to hurt. He replied with something like "No, not at all". He was very quick and before I knew it he had me close my eyes, take a breath and the needle was through! All I felt was a pinch. . . nothing that I couldn't handle. In fact my friends said I barely made a move at all. They were amazed at how well I took it. The piercer took the needle out and slid my ring in and placed the ball on it. I didn't even feel it! He then wiped it a little and had me hold a cotton ball on it with some pressure until it stopped bleeding. I took a seat out in the waiting area until my friends were done with their tattoos and piercings. We went out to lunch afterwards and it felt fine It was so cool looking that one of my friends decided she wanted hers done too so as soon as we paid for our lunch, off we were back to the Skintastik for a second time. That night was great all except for the fact that my forehead felt really tight around my eye and everytime I smiled it hurt. I tried to keep a straight face and made sure I cleaned it properly before I went to sleep. I applied a bandaide just in case so I wouldn't rip it out while sleeping. The next day it was still a little sore and the blood had gotten all crusty around each hole. I took a shower and washed it really good with antibacterial soap and applied some Bacitracin Zinc ointment. I made sure that I ran the ring through the hole a little so the ointment could actually get inside the wound and it seemed to feel a lot better. I followed the same procedure as the night before and covered it while I slept. Day three was even better. My brow wasn't very crusty at all and I just washed it really well. I didn't apply any ointment and as crazy as it sounds, my brow is actually healing a lot better without the ointmentOn day 4 my friend decided that she wanted to dye her hair a lighter color so I agreed to help. By the time I was finished applying it to her head, my brow had started to bleed and I had crusty blood in my hair and all over the side of my face. I didn't even realize it at first until someone told me. I thought that was the end of it so I cleaned it up and proceeded to help my friend again with rinsing the color out. Now my brow started bleeding pretty bad and I had it dripping down my face. yikes I was a little worried so I just sat down and took it easy for the rest of the night with a wet towel over my brow. It stopped bleeding pretty quickly and looked fine. The next day I noticed that my eye looked bruised like someone had punched me. It was a shock to see it show up but I wasn't really that surprised. After all, I just let someone stick a big ass needle through a part of my face. What was I to expect? By day 6, my brow looks awesome again and doesn't hurt at all. I can sleep on it as long as I have a band aide over it so it doesn't get caught in my hair or anything. I haven't cleaned it a lot other than just rinsing it well in the shower. If it gets crusty, I take a warm wet paper towel and apply it for a few minutes. Other than that, no problems! Its wonderful! It has now been 8 full days since I got my eyebrow pierced and I am growing to love it more and more each day! It looks really cool and I get a lot of interesting comments when I go shopping or out. People arealways asking if it hurt or telling me it looks cool. I am extremely happy that I decided to do it and I highly recommend just going out and getting it done if you are thinking about it!! You won't regret it! My only big complaint is with the rest of my body trying to get used to it! At first it seemed as if I hit it constantly forgetting it was there. But other than that... its beautiful!! If you live near Lake City, I would most definitely pay Skintastik a visit. They are very professional and friendly. It was by far the best experience I have had so far. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail! Erica bocheap@hotmail.com

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Bo
Studio: Skintastik+Tattoos+and+Body+Piercing
Location: Lake+City%2C+Florida

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