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my eyebrow peircing experience

llow my self to introduce.. well um my self ummm im 14 years old from framinghm mass and ummmmmm ya whatever. n e ways today i got my eyebrow peirced and like i had really wanted it done for at least 1 1/2 2 years and i finally convinced my parents to bring me to get it done. well heres the story. i woke up this morining round ten (probably the earliest ive gotten up this summer) and got ready cause i had to go to work later so my mom says to me " do u wanna get your eyebrow peirced today" so i wuz like hellz ya so i got ready like and hour and a half before the appointment and i wuz so anxious to get it done but i wuz also kinda scared cause i've never had n e thing peirced before except my ear like 4 years ago. so back to the story my mom was finally ready and we got in the car and we took off. on the way there im wuz still wicked anxious and not so much scared n e more cause my friend laura got her eyebrow done there a couple weeks ago and she told me all abobut it so i knew what wuz gonna happen. it took about a half an hour car ride and we were there. we were 20 mins early so we went in and got every thing set up. my friend laura has an 18 gauge and hers wuz really small and she told me not to get n e thing that big she said like around a 16 gauge so when i wuz looking at the jewelry i saw a 16 gauge and it looked really small so i wuz like what the hell just give me a 14 gauge. so the lady starts cleaning my eye w/ some weird shit and she had me sit there for a while. she finally came back and she took me off to the back room ( after my mom wuz done signing all the papers) and i sat down in like a dentist chair type thing and this wuz this big poster of some naked chick on the wall it wuz nice, hehe, but n e ways i sat down and the lady started cleaning it again and she put on some fairy music it made me wanna sleep i wanted to ask her if i could put some slipknot on or like some korn or some better shit cause all i could hear wuz fucking crickets and waterfalls and that really pissed me off, but ne ways, she showed me that she wuz using a new needle( this place wuz really clean and and the people that work there are wicked nice but its kinda expensive but it worth it) and i wuz surprized cause she used like novicane and she used some on my lip and the out it on my eyebrow ( she put it on my lip so ill know when the eyebrow would be numb) so ne ways after waiting for the eyebrow to numb she got everything ready and she marked a spot on my eyebrow i said it wuz fine and she put gauze over my eye and told me to keep my eyes closed and then i could hear that fucking music again and then i could feel the needle against my skin then like it wuz the strangest feeling i felt the needle goin through my skin but like absolutly no pain just a tiny bit and i couldnt even feel her put the jewelry in just her tugging which didnt hurt at all.she said it looked good and handed me the mirror. i checked it out and i loved it like right away. she showed me how to clean it and i dropped off the money on the way out of the store and my mom wuz so nervous she started smoking like a motherfucker i wuz playin with it all day even though the lady told me not to. when i got to werk eveyone wanted to see it i wuz sooooo happy hehe. ne ways thats my story. just finished cleaning it and its soooo awesome i love it the healing is goin good and it has not hurt at all since i got it done cause i took aleve and its werking good. and if ure ever thinking about geting ure eyebrow peirced definatly do it its probably one of the most less painfull but kewler peircings i love mine and ive only had it for like a day im a couple of months im gonna go back and get my eyebrow done again so ill have two in one brow and then i hope ill get my tongue peirced n e ways get ure eyebrow peirced ReXX

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: angels
Location: ashland+mass

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