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12g eyebrow piercing? Are you nuts?!

ere to start? I've loved piercings for about 2 years now. For almost a year-and-a-half, I've wanted my eyebrow pierced. I've always thought it looked good on a lot of people. When I went to France the first time, last year, I looked everywhere for a shop to do it in. I wanted it so badly. Alas, I couldn't find one.

The months flew by; I got my PA, navel, hafada, navel again,

cartilage, apadravya, and right ear. All this has passed since then. Each time I thought less and less about my eyebrow favoring the hidden ones due to my overprotective parents I still live with for some odd reason. About a month ago, right after getting my right ear done, the memories of France came back. I remembered everything: the taste of the foods, the smells of bread shops... and my longing for this piercing.

I set about, on May 12th, convincing my folks how painless and easy

this is. They wouldn't crack. By the 23rd, They started insulting me worse and worse every time I brought it up. I just decided that I'd get it without even saying it. I was just going to come home with it done and say screw them. I'm almost 19 now, they can't rule my life forever and this is proof.

A few days before the actual piercing, I went looking for a shop to

do it in niobium (since I have an allergy to SSS rings). I went to a local shop named Freak Shoppe. They said they'd do it. I looked though the jewelry and chose a 12g black niobium ring. They told me I'd need a 1/2" diameter for it to heal. I thought this was really too big, but I agreed. I didn't know too much about this piercing by then. She rang me up for the ring and called the piercer upstairs. He came down and said, "NO 12G RINGS!" My jaw just dropped. He said because it was heavier that it'd migrate faster. I asked him if the ring (being a lighter metal I thought) would remedy this. He said yes, then paused. Then he just told me he didn't have any 12g needles. I left very pissed off because they wouldn't give me a refund on the jewelry.

What does a guy with a 12g ring and an impulse for piercing do? I

went to my normal shop ( Venus & Mars) that doesn't question my decisions. I came in and they said no problem. This was May 27th now. Jose, a newer piercer at the store (but has 5 years experience), took my ring and rang me up for $20. I waited for it to be sterilized and went back.

Jose had me sit back in my normal chair. No worries. I told him the

only thing I was scared of is if he went from the top and accidentally hit my eye. He said he goes from the bottom so I didn't have to think about it. He got the ring out and looked at it for a minute. He asked what gauge it was. I told him 12g and his eyes got huge. He'd never even seen a 12g eyebrow piercing before. He also told me the diameter was a little large. I said that's what I thought, but Freak Shoppe wouldn't give me a refund. He did the marking (after returning the 14g needle to the cabinet and grabbing a 12g). I approved and we began.

The mighty clamp was applied. This was uncomfortable, but not

painful. He lined everything up and told me to relax and not to move. The needle began its push, it hurt but not too badly. I heard a strange popping sound, and it was through. He told me just lay back and relax. I did as I was told and he put the ring in. He said to stay laying down for a while, but I felt fine. I told him that since this was number 10. It looked huge! I wasn't totally happy, but I got used it quickly. I could also see this out of the corner of my eye, very distracting.

When I got home, I thought my mom noticed it right away. I stayed

quiet, but she talked for about 10 minutes. I then went to my room. She came in while I was on the computer and talked for another 10 minutes. Later in the night (since I thought she wasn't too mad with it) I mentioned something about it. She looked at me like I was insane and then finally saw it. She asked if it was clip on (yeah right!). When she found out, I got nothing but insults. I didn't listen to her after that.

Sleep and cleanings were easy this first night. I had no real

problems as long as I didn't sleep on my right side. The cleaning were about as bad as my earrings.

On the second day, I went to a job interview in a local mall. At the

end of the interview, he said I'd need to take out my earrings for work. I said you could see right through my ear (I have a 12g and two 10g rings) and he gave up that idea. I mentioned my eyebrow and he said it'd be fine since I'm leaving my earrings in, just to get something smaller; like a barbell. I looked around in the mall (since they always have the cheapest jewelry) but they had nothing but 16g in niobium. I went to another store, and the only had 14g and it was SSS. I mentioned my allergy and she told me it was no nickel SSS. I quickly bought one for only $18 and left for a piercing shop that would change jewelry on the second day. After a few tries I found one (and might be doing their web page soon). I had it changed to a 14g bent barbell with no pain, and only two drops of blood. Other than this, no problem at all.

Sleeping with the bar was a lot easier than the ring. It's less of a

target to hit. It's also a lot easier to clean now since the hole is slightly larger than the piercing still. I've noticed a huge urge to not think about the piercing and scratch my eyebrow, or I'll just plain hit it when pulling my hair out of my eyes. It's not painful at all though.

This is a very nice piercing now that I finally got it. It's been a

lot less painful than most I've gotten, and it seems to be on the track to healing nicely. I recomend getting it to anyone who's deciding, just make sure it's fine with the people you live with. Facial piercings are a lot more serious than others when it comes to what people think of you. Don't just get this to fit in either, get it only because YOU want it. Other than that, I can't offer much more advise.

If I left something out that you'd like to ask me, feel free to email me at: [email protected]

Second time's a charm (aka: return of a 12g eyebrow)

As you saw, I wound up changing the jewelry on the second day I had that piercing. I also had to change it again about a month later. That was my parents begging to get the barbell out. Well, shortly after changing it to that ring, it started to migrate badly. I gave it about a month or two before it'd be almost gone. I took it out and let it close up hoping to get it done again later.

The day I took it out I got my labret I waited two years for. That was a

lot of fun, but a different story. It's probably in this same update. Well, I'm getting away from what I'm trying to say here.

Last night, I got my eyebrow repierced finally. For my jewelry choice, I

chose my good ol' 14g curved barbell. That was my favorite jewelry from the last time, and it'll match my labret nicely. I went to my normal shop, Venus & Mars, and told Mike I was ready. He ran
his finger along my eyebrow to make sure most of the scar tissue was gone. He okayed it and we went back to the piercing room. I got my barbell sterilized and we were ready to go. I told him I was a little paranoid about him piercing it downward. I have a strong fear of anything coming towards my eyes. Bad childhood experiences. Anyway, we agreed on a spot and got it marked. I okayed it and he got all the tools ready and sterilized my eyebrow. He took the clamps and spent about two minutes getting them set to his liking. They were a little painful at first since he slightly clamped my eyelid. We got it taken care of and the clamps were tightened. I closed my eye and relaxed. I was sweating from the nervousness about my eye, but was fairly fine. This was number 12 for me so nothing new really.

I felt him put the needle on top so I started my breathing. On the exhale

he pushed and it was a little more painful than the first time, but still really easy. I could tell by how long it took, the skin was really tuff where the scar tissue is. He left the clamps on and got the barbell backed on the needle. My eye was watering like crazy, but I was fine. The jewelry slid through and it was a little painful. All-in-all, about as painful as my earrings. Mike screwed the ball on and took the clamps off. I finally opened my eye and had to wipe it with my shirt it was watering so badly. He cleaned me up slightly and told me there was no blood (unlike my labret). I looked in the mirror and instantly liked it better now that I had my labret too. Mike was impressed too. I got my employee discount (so it cost me a total of $15) and told him I'd be in for work in the morning.

Cleanings for it are very easy. Soak, quetip the crusties off, soak,

antibacterial soap, soak again. Twice a day, no more no less. I also will be doing a 10 minute salt water soak once a week. Those are always nice. I don't plan to take this jewelry out so this might be a fairly permanent ring. It's deeper than the first time, so it's looking better too.

If you have any questions, feel totally free to email me at: [email protected]@aol.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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