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i have a happy eyebrow

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i'm old enough to get a piercing legally now, and so far all i've gotten is my tongue, but that's really all i want for now. as for my eyebrow...i did that a little over 2 years ago. i had begged my mother but she said she wouldn't consent to it. when i was little i always wanted my ears pierced but she would never take me to get it done and she said if i could do it myself she'd let me have pierced years. of course i was 5 years old and couldn't pierce my own ears and she knew it which is why she said it. (i never have been able to pierce my own ears, and i've tried a billion times)

sometime in 8th grade this girl pierced her own navel and i decided i'd do that too and i pierced it with a safety pin and i put a ring in it and it rejected it less than a week later, even though i took good care of it. it wasn't pierced very deep. i did that five times before i finally gave up. i have a small white scar right above my navel now.

so when i decided to pierce my own eyebrow i figured i'd be okay cause i'd already pierced something else on my body. the only difference was that i had a real hospital type needle to pierce it with. the kind that goes on a syringe. (totally sterile, unopened) i don't remember exactly but i think it was 16 gauge (my boyfriend at the time was an EMT and he had access to needles at work)

i was hella worried cause of all the stories i'd heard about how you could paralyze your face if you pierced your eyebrow in the wrong place, but then i thought that someone had said that was only if it was in pretty far on your eyebrow, closer to your nose. i still don't know if that's true or not. (someone can e-mail me the answer if they know it at [email protected] - i'll allow you to e-mail me...sorry...no sleep...for long time....makes me....stupid....) anyway, so i got all set.

i remember sitting there on my bed, opening the needle, pouring some alcohol into the cap of the bottle and letting the ring i was gonna use sit in it while i did the piercing, wiping off my eyebrow with alcohol. then...i started the piercing...which i did not finish for approximately two hours. i remember when i pierced my navel i lay there on the phone with one or two friends for an hour or so pushing the safety pin but this time i had to concentrate too much and i was too worried about paralyzing my face. i told myself that if my face started to feel numb at all i'd stop. silly.

at first, when it wasn't very deep i would stop and pull the needle out then start again, but then i realized this was too pain inducing and it was getting harder and harder to find the hole again so i would just leave it in and pause for a minute. i couldn't make myself shove it through for anything. so i sat there and pushed for a minute and stopped for a minute. push, stop, push, stop. (tres irritating) then finally i got to where it was just the opposite layer of skin and it would be all the way through. this was the hardest part. the most painful. then...i got it through! can you say BLOOD? i completely soaked about eight to ten cotton balls and semi soaked a few more. then i stuck the end of the ring through the hollow part of the needle and pulled the needle back out pulling the ring through the hole at the same time. saved some poking and unnecessary pain while searching for the hole.

i ran downstairs and showed my mom and she hated it then i ran back upstairs and called my friend and told her about it and she was like, "i can't wait to see it" and she liked it when she did. so did everyone else. i took the needle around with me everywhere and showed everyone what i'd used to pierce it. people were acceptably shocked and grossed out.

so i wore it every day for about three or four months and the only complaint i have about it is that washing my face was a bitch cause i always forgot it was there and just tried to rub my face and it was in the way. for a while i thought it was gonna get really infected, but it didn't get infected that badly and the liquid dial soap i used took care of it. i don't remember exactly why i took it out but i did and i had given up on having a pierced eyebrow cause i didn't really want it enough to get it done again and i thought it was closed up cause i hadn't worn a ring in it for almost a year.

then one day my boyfriend's friend attacked me with an earring and shoved it through the hole in my eyebrow. it went right through! after a year! i was so shocked. he said his was still open after a year so mine should be too. i didn't believe him till he proved it. i still don't wear anything in the hole, but it makes me feel better to know i can. occasionally i'll stick an earring through it to see if it's still open. and lately i've been wanting to wear a ring in it again. so i had a successful home eyebrow piercing but that's just cause i'm special (and lucky and all that stuff) and i don't think i'd do it again if i had a chance to.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Eyebrow Piercing

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