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Bridgette and Phil's Piercing Experiences

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The following was written by us (Phil and Bridgette), both of whom are the better halves of the other, several days after we went together to get our lip (Phil) and eyebrow (Bridgette) pierced.

Bridgette: Well, first off I knew this was going to be a cool experience, because Phil had just gotten his eyebrow done a couple of weeks before and I had just gotten my lip done almost a month before. We both had decided we wanted each other's piercings (lol) and together we went to Midnight Moon in Chichester, NH to get pierced by...what's his name?

Phil: Tom.

Bridgette: Damn, I'm so bad with names.

Phil: Anyway, we walk into the studio (also where I got my first tat done by Matt Clark) and tell Tom we were there for an appointment we made. When I talked to him on the phone, he thought it was a labret I wanted, because it's in the middle of the lip, but not so far down...

Bridgette: Which is why it's a damn good thing I was there (lol) because I already had the piercing Phil had in mind, and just stuck out my pretty lil lip to show him what the boy wanted.

Phil: HeHe, by the way...on the way to the shop Bridgette was freaking out cause when she got her lip done she turned ghost white and she was afraid she'd do it again and make an ass of herself.

Bridgette: Traitor!

Phil: Oh yeah back to our story....

Bridgette: heehee oh yeah...so Tom goes back to do his "sterilization thing" and to prep his stuff.

Phil: So we just looked at some of the other jewelry and some of the flash on the walls while we were waiting.

Bridgette: By the way, Midnight Moon has some really great tattoo artists...Matt Clark and um, the other guy that we don't know cause Phil (or me) hasn't gotten a tat by him yet lol.

Phil: So, back to the freakin story miss can't stay on the damn topic hehe....then Tom comes out after about 10 mins or so and ask who wants to go first.

Bridgette: Well, by that time I was so freaking sick of the "time leading up to getting a new hole" that I was like "damn, ME!".

Phil:So I followed in behind her and Tom. First, he wiped her scrawny ass eyebrow down with some iodine, and then put an alchohol prep pad on it and used that to wipe the area as well. Then he took a marking pen and marked a spot where he thought the piercing should go on her, and had her look in the mirror.

Bridgette: I was getting so excited by this point, (no pun intended lol) I love that adrenaline rush, but hate how it makes me dizzy. Phil: Ok so after he had the spot marked and miss hyper was sitting back in the chair, he took the forceps and clamped her teeny weeny lil eyebrow. Then, he asked her if she was ready, and she replied with the expected "ok".

Bridgette: I at this point stumbled upon the "wait a cotton pickin minute! what if that goes in my eyeball?" thought....just one of those stupid last minute thoughts hehe.

Phil: ANYWAY! (hehe) He then placed the cork under the spot where the needle (18ga) was going to come through (the eye poking out thing was purely the result of Bridgette's overactive brain), and put the needle through. He then pulled the forceps off, pulled out the needle, and placed the hoop through and my girl was pierced! (again hehe)

Bridgette:I was so hyper! And I didn't even turn white or get dizzy or nothing! As for the pain, it was no worse than getting my ear pierced. Course, this is when I realized the negative part of going first, you have to remain calm and cool and all that shit so as not to bother "the man with the needle" (hehe) while he's putting another hole in Phil's head.

Phil: I love her eyebrow piercing, it looks so cute. :)

Bridgette: Ok, now it was Phil's turn. After I got mine done, we went back out into the waiting area so that Tom could do all his prep. stuff for Phil's lip piercing.

Phil: Yeah, so we go out into the waiting area and have lots of kinky sex on the couch. KIDDING! We just went back out and looked at the jewelry some more, and talked to each other about our upcoming tats.

Bridgette: Ok, so after about 10 more minutes, Tom comes back out and tells us he's ready for Phil. We went back into the Tom's little room (by the way, both tatooists as well as Tom have their own room at Midnight Moon, so privacy is not even a problem there, if that's something that you look for in a shop). So Phil hops up into the dentist chair type thingy, and Tom prepped his lip. First, by making the little booger swish around some listerine (the nasty yellow death flavor that I compare to the green death nyquil flavor), and then cleaning the outside with iodine, as well as that little guaze thingy soaked with alchohol. Then he made his marks and asked Phil if it looked centered, Phil said he thought that it looked a little to the right, Tom thought it was a little to the left, and I said it was in the center hehe. Well, he got it centered after a bit, and then he clamped Phil's lip with the forceps.

Phil: In case you're wondering, I wasn't really thinking much of anything during this whole process, just yep, I'm about to get pierced, again.

Bridgette: Ok, so I'm standing behind Tom watching and thinking "woohoo this is so cool!" because this is exactly the same piercing that was done to my lip, and I wanted to see how it was done. (By the way, I got my lip done at Stiehl's Body Modification Station in Ithaca, NY, they are also a really great shop and I recommend them highly!) So, Phil's lip is clamped and ready to go, and then Tom takes the needle( 14ga) and in one swift lil motion puts it through my honey's lip. After the jewelry tranfer, during which there were no problems at all, my sweety was pierced! (Again!) It was so cute, he looked like he had lockjaw or something cause he hadn't quite adjusted to the jewelry being there(lol and how could he it had only been in there for 2 mins), and was sticking his lil lip out a bit. heehee

Phil: Smartass.

Bridgette: After that, we went and paid...and I scored a Midnight Moon sticker (for free yeehaw!) and we went on our merry way. On the car ride home, I was soooooooo hyper! I was just sitting there thinking "I can't wait to go back and get another!!".

Phil: For the aftercare of my lip piercing, Tom told me had to rinse with listerine after I ate, drank or smoked anything. He also told me to use bactine for the outside, but I've been using gly-oxide to clean the lip piercing...but use bactine for my two-week old eyebrow...

Bridgette: Well, that's because that's what I used (the gly-oxide-and am using for my still healing lip piercing) and it seems to work quite well.

I use the bactine for my eyebrow piercing, though. It seems to work well, despite my apprehensions about using it when it said on the bottle not to use it for puncture wounds.

Phil: A few days later, I did end up getting fired from my second job because of the lip piercing, but I did expect a little backlash from my bosses anyway. I hated that job, so I guess in the end it did me good. :)

Bridgette: Yeah, I think Phil got more of a negative response as a result of his lip piercing. I didn't really notice much of a difference, because people tend to give me a more negative response even before the eyebrow piercing (I guess the blue hair kinda phases them lol, fuck them though,I'd rather be happy and considered "odd" by some people than be unhappy ) because it really wasn't that much of a change.

Phil: So, overall...a very good experience for the both of us. I highly recommend Tom at Midnight Moon in Chichester, he's a good guy. :)

Bridgette: He's got some really positive energy around him, too, which really put me at ease. :)You fuckin rule, Tom!

--Phil and Bridgette [email protected]

Happy Body Modification! :)


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